Saadi Gaddafi Interview On Al Arabya?

Editor’s Note:
I have no proof this interview is authentic.

Saadi speaks of being involved in dialogues with Feb17th. This is impossible to fathom when you visit their websites, including the Zintan Media Center, and realize the scope of their contempt for the Gaddafi family.

In the context of other critical NATO propaganda releases over the past two weeks, this “interview” plays into NATO’s hands too well for me to accept it as genuine.

If the Resistance had specific plans to overthrow the NTC they would keep them secret.

I remain committed to not posting any Resistance strategies until after they are successfully executed and do not consider this interview “Resistance news”, but NATO spin.

Reality check:


And we have no proof of life.

None of the prisoners have been set free, not one oil installation has been disabled, not a single city is green, which would be the signs of major Resistance progress.


Translation by I.A. Libya
Edited by Alexandra Valiente for Libya 360°

Saadi: There will be a large uprising that will be comprised of a number of uprisings which will break out throughout Libya, in the south, the west and in the east. There will not be a region where there won’t be a new people’s uprising.

Broadcaster: I understand from what you say that have you been in direct contact with people within Libya that say there will be an uprising. Who have you been in contact with?

Saadi: I have been in almost daily contact with people within Libya from here in Niger. These calls do not concern just the uprising, but our family and tribes and the current situation in Libya, and how the people are doing and of course their situation is very very grave since what has happened. I have also been in contact with the militias and the tribes of 17th Feb, members of the NTC and the National Army and let me tell you that approximately 70% of the people in Libya be they Pro-Gaddafi and pro 17th Feb, these people are not satisfied with the current situation in Libya and all are ready to rise up and to change the current situation for the good of their country.

Broadcaster: When you say uprising, you mean “an armed uprising” for example?

Saadi: Sister, there is a lot of weaponry spread around Libya after the war. There is chaos and no guidance. There is no Government and this chaos results in the use of arms.

Broadcaster: Do you have the capability, through your communications inside the country, to direct the uprising as you call it?

Saadi: I have the capability in another way. I hope that this uprising does not necessarily have to result in bloodshed, that this uprisings characteristics and demands are different to most uprisings, especially with the latest developments in Libya. We need to rise against this change that happened in Libya. We don’t know something called elections in Libya. We are a muslim country. We don’t know something called colonialism and political parties.

So now there is a way that we can sit down and change this flag, it has to be the green flag.

Broadcaster: How do you propose change and what system will they follow today when Gaddafi’s regime has ended?

Saadi: Firstly, if you are talking about a regime, 10-15 ministers or generals, we all have our own opinions on that. I am talking about the people in Libya right now who are commanding militias that are stealing televisions and cars etc. Libya is a great country, a respectful country, and the Libyan people are great people who don’t deserve to live in these types of conditions and in this type of atmosphere.

Even the people who were involved with 17th Feb movement, we know there is a great percentage of people involved with them and we will co-operate with both the 17th Feb and others within the uprising.

Broadcaster: Would you ever consider returning to Libya, considering you claim to have supporters there?

Saadi: Of course I will return. My return to Libya will happen at any moment. I will return to Libya and undertake my duties and obligations to bring equality within the chaos.

Broadcaster: If you actually do have supporters inside and are in communications with them, why did you leave the country in the first place if these supporters could have protected you?

Saadi: Firstly, I am not looking for security personnel or anything like that. I am saying that the Libyan people should rise against this chaos and the militias who are running the situation on the ground in Libya. The NTC are an illegitimate government and have not got the capability to control the country and the militias. And this uprising will actually be at the hands of these militias, you will see and so will the world very soon.

And I call upon everyone to be ready for this uprising and the zero hour, because this time the uprising will be the decisive one.

Broadcaster: You are in Niamey, Niger at this time. Are you under any pressure for your handover to the Libyan authorities?

Saadi: Pressure? Im under no pressure at all.

Broadcaster: Are you still in contact with members of your family?

Saadi: I contact Allah the Holy the Merciful on a daily basis. I also communicate with my family in Libya, outside Libya, Libyans in Niger, neighbouring countries, Europe, militias in Niger itself. There is a strong desire for change and this will take place in the form if an uprising. And the arms are already in the country.

Broadcaster: What exactly is your goal from this? What are you planning right now while in Niamey, Niger?

Saadi: My goal is I want the people who have stolen Libyan money to repent and I want the militias to remain independent and all the Sheikhs and Tribes to sit around and negotiate. I’m not saying sit and negotiate with the NTC. NO, I am saying to sit and negotiate with the militias in Libya because they are ready to rise up and they know who they are.

Broadcaster: Thank you for your call.