Universal Dynamics of Tumor Growth and the Demise of Chavez

By Nikolai Malishevski

In mid-March acting President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro announced that planning was in the works for a commission to investigate whether Chavez had been poisoned. According to him, the late President «was poisoned by dark forces in order to hit at the Venezuelan people and Latin America» (1). Maduro thinks, «The type of cancer he didn’t correspond with any of the normal behaviors of the illness…everything seems to indicate that they managed to affect his health using the most advanced techniques». (2)

Just a few hours before the death of Venezuelan leader, Vice-President Maduro told the people, «Chavez’s cancer was an attack by his enemies» (3) meaning the United States. General Jose Ornella confirmed the statement. (4) A bit later it was reported that two US embassy staffers were told to leave the country. Talking about the United States, Maduro told the compatriots that in the 1940s «science laboratories where they experimented with causing cancer… seventy years have passed, could they have progressed from there». (1)

Chavez himself told about it in 2011. He mentioned the fact that three South American leaders abruptly fell ill of cancer and assured it was a plot of CIA trying to get rid of unfriendly politicians. Soon Chavez contacted cancer too. (5) Indeed, there has been a string of rather mysterious cancer cases among acting left-wing anti-US Latin American leaders during the last 3-4 years. The lethal list already includes nine leaders by now:

1. Raul Alfonsin, the President of Argentina, died of cancer in 2009;

2. Nestor Kirchner, the President of Argentina, died of large intestine cancer in 2010;

3. Cristina Kirchner, incumbent President of Argentina, the late President’s widow, fell ill of thyroid gland cancer in 2011;

4. Ollanta Humala, late President of Peru, died of rectal cancer in 2011;

5. Hugo Chavez, late President of Venezuela, died of prostate cancer in 2011;

6. Lula da Silva, ex-President of Brazil, fell ill of laryngeal cancer in 2011;

7. Dilma Rousseff, the President of Brazil, fell ill of lymphatic cancer in 2009;

8. Fernando Lugo, ex-President of Paraguay, fell ill of lymphatic cancer in 2010;

9. Evo Morales, the President of Bolivia, had a cancerous tumor in his nose (2009).

The list could include the President of Colombia Juan Carlos who unexpectedly fell ill of prostate cancer in 2012. A few months later the relations between Colombia and the United States improved and he said he was «completely cured»…

Many US commentators and researchers say separate incidents put together indicate there is a dangerous trend. It all testifies to the fact that hi-tech assassinations leaving no trace become a reality of global politics. Slow and painful death of those, who oppose the policies of some powerful states is becoming the preferable way to deal with the out-of-favor leaders…

Kevin Barret, Ph.D., an expert on terror, cites Senator Lindsey Graham, who has recently admitted that the US has murdered more than 4,700 political opponents around the world in drone strikes, including its own citizens. According to Mr. Barret, the current US military budget exceeds $500 billion, or the combined budgets of China, Russia, Japan, Korea, Australia, Canada and the European Union – and it’s just the tip of the iceberg, there are «black budgets» that are «used to build the most advanced and secret killing technologies – the kind of technologies that were recently employed to afflict the Empire’s six leading Latin American enemies with cancer». (6)

US researchers like William Blum, Kurt Nimmo and the journalists highlighting the events in Venezuela, like Stephen Lendman, for instance, are sure that «when the top six anti-US-empire leaders in Latin America all get cancer at the same time, it isn’t just coincidence». (7)

Paul Craig Roberts, the co-founder of Reaganomics, former United States Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy, says: «Throughout South America and the non-western world, Chavez’s death is being blamed on Washington», «The belief has already hardened in South America that Washington with its hideous technologies of death infected Chavez with cancer in order to remove him as an obstacle to Washington’s hegemony over South America», «South Americans are aware of the US congressional hearings in the 1970s when the Church Committee brought to light the various CIA schemes to poison Fidel Castro», «The official document presented to President John F. Kennedy by the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, known as the Northwoods Project, is known to the world and is available online». (8)

Indeed, Castro has broken all the survival records making it through 637 assassination attempts staged with the involvement of US special services (2006 data), it has even become a reason for jokes! (For instance the well-known statement ascribed to John F. Kennedy after one of failed assassinations who said that he gave an order to get rid of Castro but he didn’t mean to kill him).

Nowadays the media cites the words of Fidel Castro, «Chavez, take care. These people have developed technology. You are very careless. Take care what you eat, what they give you to eat…a little needle and they inject you with I don’t know what».

It is known from at least the late 1970s the CIA used the results of research conducted by Alton Oschner, Ph.D., President of the American Cancer Society, for its own purposes. The fact that the CIA conducted special operations inflicting maximum damage had been known before. It became a routine thing back in 1950-1960s. Suffice it to remember the neutralization of such leaders as: Sirimavo Ratwatte Dias Bandaranaike, former prime-minister of Ceylon (1959), Patrice Lumumba in Congo (1960), President of Ghana Kwame Nkrumah (1966), Eduardo Mondlane President of Mozambican Liberation Front (Frente de Libertaзгo de Moзambique or FRELIMO) etc.

The Clandestine Services’ Health Alteration Committee has eliminated people. Its activities are widely highlighted in the book called The Search for the Manchurian Candidate. The CIA and Mind Control by John Marks, former State Department official. (9) The author went through plain facts of the report issued by a commission established by President Gerald Ford and chaired by Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller to investigate the CIA human experiments, including US citizens, and the neutralization of political opponents after the scandal raised by the New York Times publication devoted to the issue in December 1974. (10) John Marks adduces a lot of details on secret operations aimed at health damage, budgets, the names of CIA researchers and agents involved in the activities, he also describes brutal human tests, poisons and chemical substances able to kill or convert a politician into a plant.

Quote, «Under MKNAOMI, the SOD men developed a whole arsenal of toxic substances for CIA use. If Agency operators needed to kill someone in a few seconds with, say, a suicide pill, SOD provided super-deadly shellfish toxin.[1] On his ill-fated U-2 flight over the Soviet Union in 1960, Francis Gary Powers carried — and chose not to use — a drill bit coated with this poison concealed in a silver dollar. While perfect for someone anxious to die — or kill — instantly, shellfish toxin offered no time to escape and could be traced easily. More useful for assassination, CIA and SOD men decided, was botulinum. With an incubation period of 8 to 12 hours, it allowed the killer time to separate himself from the deed. Agency operators would later supply pills laced with this lethal food poison to its Mafia allies for inclusion in Fidel Castro’s milkshake. If CIA officials wanted an assassination to look like a death from natural causes, they could choose from a long list of deadly diseases that normally occurred in particular countries. Thus in 1960, Clandestine Services Chief Richard Bissell asked Sid Gottlieb to pick out an appropriate malady to kill the Congo’s Patrice Lumumba. Gottlieb told the Senate investigators that he selected one that “was supposed to produce a disease that was… indigenous to that area [of West Africa] and that could be fatal.” Gottlieb personally carried the bacteria to the Congo, but this murderous operation was scrubbed before Lumumba could be infected. (The Congolese leader was killed shortly thereafter under circumstances that still are not clear.)

When CIA operators merely wanted to be rid of somebody temporarily, SOD stockpiled for them about a dozen diseases and toxins of varying strengths. At the relatively benign end of the SOD list stood Staph. enterotoxin, a mild form of food poisoning — mild compared to botulinum. This Staph. infection almost never killed and simply incapacitated its victim for 3 to 6 hours. Under the skilled guidance of Sid Gottlieb’s wartime predecessor, Stanley Lovell, OSS had used this very substance to prevent Nazi official Hjalmar Schacht from attending an economic conference during the war. More virulent in the SOD arsenal was Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis virus. It usually immobilized a person for 2 to 5 days and kept him in a weakened state for several more weeks. If the Agency wanted to incapacitate someone for a period of months, SOD had two different kinds of brucellosis».

It’s interesting how Franck Olsen, an expert on biological arms, who was close to the CIA, died in the 1950s. Going through reorganization, the CIA itself reported the following. Olsen made a tour of biological research laboratories in Norway, Great Britain and the Federal Republic of Germany in 1953. He was strongly impressed by human tests he saw and decided to retire. He told his friends about it. Two CIA agents put a drug into his food at business dinner, the substance made him commit a suicide a few days later. This is an official version of events. The family of the deceased was invited to the White House, where President Ford apologized. Some time ago, just before the death of Chavez, the story was mentioned in the New York Times (11) because in November 2012 the sons of Olsen brought a suit against the CIA demanding a compensation for the murder of their father…(11)

As a wrap up, I’d like to note that health alteration and the Universal Dynamics of Tumor Growth, as American scholars call it, could be cured only by surgical information intervention revealing real perpetrators of political epidemics.

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