Nigerians Dying Of Lead Poisoning From Gold Mining

Published on 26 Nov 2012 by PressTVGlobalNews

Lead poisoning has continued to kill people, especially children, in the northern state of Zamfara in Nigeria. In 2010, no fewer than 163 people, most of them children, died of lead poisoning. Since then there have been allegations of other deaths of children caused by lead. World Health Organization (WHO) and the Nigerian ministry of health have been working together to educate people and help clean the area.

Most of the contamination came from hand to mouth or through drinking water. Villagers in two local government areas of Anka and Bungudu are the most affected regions. On this week’s INFocus we talk about lead poisoning, a story of ignorance, negligence, poverty and impunity leading to the deaths of innocent people, especially children.