Statement From The Forum Of Libyan Tribes, Sabha, July 18, 2012

Editor’s Note:
The tribes are demanding the immediate release of all political prisoners and that Libyans in exile be granted the right to return without fear of imprisonment so that the nation can be restored and the process of healing and reconciliation begin. ~ Viva Libya!


Approximate Translation (Poor)

Emphasis on the critical importance of the important role parents play of power and social events in this topic stage Baldat, the elders and sheikhs and dignitaries of tribes Valley beach and they were holding their meeting in Gardah beach assert their keenness permanent to maintain cohesion and social and not allow acting against them and to strengthen links cohesion and address the manifestations of difference and penetration for this region which has been constantly in the example of harmony between the components and an oasis of security and stability experienced by the citizens and felt by the visitor.

Therefore affirm the following:

1. We value the previous steps taken by the positive social events to participate at the crossroads of the Libyan tribes first and second held in the city of Bani Walid and the third forum held area of the beach and all the stress on them and are committed to Masdr Boajptna and our role in the implementation of its decisions.

2. We emphasize that the political option for the tribes of the valley of the beach is part of the Libyan people and the option to call our people to the cohesion and coherence and to avoid destructive conflict tactics on the homeland and the citizen, and that dialogue is the best way to build a state.

3. We emphasize the need to build a national army to protect the country according to the laws and regulations in force in the armed forces, and categorically reject the recognition of and cooperation or appeasement with the armed groups that represent the tribes and regions, individuals and groups, illegal and not accept in some ways give status and legitimacy of the national army, as is the case now for the implementation of agendas local and foreign.

4. Libya homeland for the shows have sacrificed for it all and are still willing to sacrifice, resolution of line there will be no chance to cope with and maneuver, and that all understand and grasp this topic really well, otherwise the conflict will open the doors wider.

5. Call upon the brotherhood of the Ministry of Defense and the Interior Ministry raised their hands for the armed groups and not to give bonuses, incentives and salaries, demobilization and surrender their weapons to the regular army and National Security and to invite the officers and noncommissioned officers and soldiers, and the performance of military duty.

6. We call on the Libyan government and all officials out to determine their position on prisons and prisoners and to release them unconditionally immediately and start to invite Libyan displaced at home and abroad and to ensure their return without prosecution or pursuit and completion of national reconciliation even Ntafrg of the construction process together, and we have to stick to the arguments and Alaaadar and Daraúa continue the tragedy of the suffering of prisoners and displaced people but deepens the gap between citizens of one nation, a goal does not serve only the enemies of the Libyan people.

7. We emphasize that the sons of the valley of the beach are part of the sons of the South their rights and duties and can not allow the exclusion of marginalizing the South and his sons, and the reduction of its potentials and its role must be to participate fully, similar to the actual province of Cyrenaica, Tripoli and invite them to impose it by different means.

8. That what happened and is happening in Libya since the beginning of the war so far from the behavior and actions beyond custom and religion are unacceptable to us and are not considered introductions built upon the basis of the state, we are the sons of the desert cherish social relationship and respect the ties of blood and intermarriage, and the brothers at home ordered good and not allow evil, it is an eye sleep and its people displaced from their homes and their brethren, and their money getting their tragedy day after day and grow their suffering they are at home as in Torghae and Rullish and Alawyneh, where the Libyan tribes, where the government of it, where people of religion Macolhm what is happening and whether this method is possible you may leave and a half million displaced out of Libya and was the biggest challenge to national reconciliation and should be a priority for national action and Madunh futility.

9. We call on all human rights organizations and civil society institutions and human rights at home and abroad to stand on the prison and follow-up, control and access to their records and the search for missing persons and to interview prisoners and the registration forms and varieties National Comittee for immoral faced by prisoners and Thotik video clips that far exceeded what happened at Abu Ghraib, for women, men and invite preachers and those interested in matters of religion and social reform to uphold their voices as they hear and see the end and the end of the recklessness and disregard for human beings and prepare files for this issues and refer them to justice.

10. Up the National Action Sharif, who call him the unity of Libya land and people and to not accept calls retail and separation and Altkhadl for purposes personal inferiority narrow and return to Libya to a fixture in its Arab and Islamic world and take its place and role of genuine inheritance because of the importance of geography and its people of the advantages and capabilities, and enjoys its own soil of the wealth of it’s parents take all of us refused to encroachment on our sovereignty and assembly of our capabilities and our potential physical, human, military and civil provisions of the control of our country and refused to intervene in the internal affairs and non-acceptance or recognition of any form of military cooperation and international agreements Almudallh that make Libya are subject to the enemy economically, politically and militarily.

Social Council for the tribes of the valley of the beach
Issued on Wednesday, 18/7/2012