Libya Is A Tree

Libya is a tree planted with the hands and watered with the blood of those who have struggled against imperialism.

I would have preferred to die than see my country and people in their current state.

Going through my contacts about one fifth of them are either dead, lost or in prisons.

We weren’t fighting for Libya but all Arabs! Libya was a red line that the west needed to cross to achieve their goals. Knowing that, we fought till the last drop of blood, sweat and tear.

But what they do not know is that they may have burnt us to the ground, but our roots were too deep for them to reach.

And now we find ourselves with the burden of having to free our country, the burden of having to try as hard as possible to ignore the pain in our hearts, and try to use it as fuel to fight for another day.

The task in front of us may seem impossible but so did the al-Fateh revolution of 1969.

And now after months of hard work we are finally ready and once again we will leave the world in shock.

These words also remind me of the words of Muammar Qadhafi: “Libya is a tree under whose shade we sit, for it is we who planted with our hands and watered it with our blood.”