Libya’s FM Refuses To Implement Law Compensating Former Political Prisoners, Calls For A Purge Of The Judiciary

BACKGROUND >> NTC Pays LD 8,000 Per Month To Former Political Prisoners

On Monday, Finance Minister Hassan Zqlam warned of the danger of implementing the law issued by the national transitional council to compensate political prisoners, declaring that he would not agree to it.

He pointed out that the law will cover the period from September 1, 1969 until February 12, 2011.

Zqlam called for people to demonstrate against the law and said that its implementation would be a disaster for the country, siphoning funds away from essential services, payment of salaries and vital reconstruction.

He called for a purge of corrupt officials in the judiciary who attempt to deny Libyans their basic needs while funneling imaginary billions to undeserving individuals.

Edited by Alexandra Valiente for Libya 360°