Muammar Gaddafi’s Messages And Speeches

Gaddafi ‘will fight to the death’ speech & TV appearance Libya, Jun 7 2011

Millions march for Gaddafi June 17, 2011

Gaddafi appearance on Libyan State Television, Jun 17 2011

Gaddafi TV appearance on Libyan State Television , Jun 22 2011
Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi called NATO “murderers” and announced retaliatory attacks in the West.
‘You murderers One day we will respond to you likewise and your homes will be legitimate targets.”
“Because you killed our children and grandchildren with you over there is no agreement.”
‘The Security Council should hold an urgent meeting to discuss the matter and stop this barbaric attack.’
“We will provide resistance and the battle will last until you are eradicated” – he said.
Gaddafi’s message on the occasion of the NATO air force attack on the house of his friend Huvejlidi El Hamedija, which killed 19 people, including three children, was broadcast early this morning by Libyan state television.

Gaddafi’s Speech – Green Square March of Millions, July 1, 2011

Huge PRO-Gaddafi Rally in Al Ajaylat, Libya, July 14 2011 [before speech]

Gaddafi’s address to tens of thousands of supporters in Al Ajaylat, Libya July 14 2011

Gaddafi Speech in Zawiyah, Libya, July 16 2011 [ PART 1 ]

Gaddafi Speech in Zawiyah, Libya, July 16 2011 [ PART 2 ]

Gaddafi Speech in El Azizia, & LibyaTelevision News, July 19, 2011

Gaddafi speech 21.7.2011 in Sirte with English subtitles

Gadhafi speech with English subtitles al khoms 26.7.11

Gaddafi speech Abu Salim 28.7.11 English Subtitles
Libya : Tarhuna Gaddafi Speech [30-07-2011] كلمة الأخ قائد الثورة

Libya / BANI WALID (WERFALLA): Gaddafi speech, 31.07.11 – Huge Protest Against NATO-Aggression

Tripoli : Big Demonstration and Gaddafi Speech [15-08-2011]