Muammar Gaddafi’s Interviews

Qaddafi in 1976 (BBC)

An Enlightening Interview with Gaddafi in 2009 with Euronews – Hoping for an African-Arab Union
Even after 40 years in power, Libya`s Colonel Gaddafi has some bold ambitions. His ideas for African unity involve the creation of a United States of Africa modelled on the EU – an idea he set out at the recent African Union summit. As thousands of Africans continue to head north in search of a better life in Europe, he also has strong views on immigration. The Libyan leader, whose country holds the rotating presidency of the African Union, is attending the G8 summit in Rome. Before leaving for Italy, he spoke to Euronews from Tripoli.

Conversations with Channer : Hon. Mu-Amnar Al Gaddafi
A one hour Conversation with the leader of Libya orginally aired September 1991. Gaddafi voice over by Ed Fabry.

Euronews Interviews Colonel Gaddafi July 12, 2009

Sky News’ Interview with Col. Gaddafi.

Interview Moammar Gaddafi on Al Jazeera, Sept 25, 2009

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