Letter From Muammar Gaddafi September 12, 2011

From: mp3libya | Sep 12, 2011
Muammar Al-Gadaffi letter — 12th September ’11 read by Misha’an al-Jabouri (Al-Rai TV).

The reality of the situation has started to become clear; it is a revolt against the Al-Fatah revolution and the power of the peoples committees. This is a renewed effort to return Libya to what it was before the revolution (Al-Fatah revolution) a property of Western companies and not the Libyan people, in order to enslave the Libyan people after they were rulers.

To return Libya to its colonial days after it was free; post Al-Fatah revolution. It isn’t rocket science that the motives behind this uprising that is backed by the flag of humiliation and dishonour, that there is no other choice for the Libyan people but to defeat this uprising that goes against the grain of the Al-Fatah revolution. It is not acceptable for us to hand over our oil to the people of France to enjoy, and we will not allow ourselves to become slaves when we used to be masters in the People’s Congresses and People’s Committees. We will not surrender Libya to colonial rule as the traitors would like. Now there is no choice but to fight until victory and this uprising is crushed and God is above all those whom aggress.