Muammar Gaddafi’s Revolutionary Speech, September 1, 2011

Muammar Gaddafi’s Speech, September 1, 2011

Rush translation:

In name of God the Merciful,

First of all I greet you for Eid Alfitr Almubark , and I read the Quran for our martyrs who give their blood for our land. They gave blood for Libya to not to be colony of France or taken by traitors or any other crusader. I tell you the colony will be finished and also the traitors. We will fight and we will make them spend and spend and spend their money until they are gone. I tell you the colonizers will be defeated and so will the traitors. Traitors and agents can not continue existing here because they have neither ability or support. They are colonizers’ agents and the Libyan people will not accept colonizers. No one respects them.

Now NATO is facing defeat, they still want to stay here, but they do not have the Power of the People on their side. They do not have the women on their side. The Libyan people want to rule themselves by themselves. Martyrdom will not be forgotten. Tribes who lost their sons can not forget this. You [crusaders] want to rule Libyan people? Are they animals?

The Libyan people will not surrender and will not accept being governed like animals. There are too many problems between the traitors and NATO. The crusaders and traitors will be defeated soon.

You must continue resistance.

Tripoli you have to continue resistance in every area, attack their checkpoints like they attack us. Every tribe should control an area in Tripoli and so should the youth. Make checkpoints in the streets. Do not fear them. You are millions so attack them from everywhere.

Who can control the armed Alnwahi Alrabaa? Who can control Warshfanaa tribe? They never can.

Who can control the armed Ben Walled? Who can control the armed Sirte? Now all tribes are armed, Ben Walled, Sirte, Sabha, Aljfarah, Misurata, who is not armed? ? Our brothers in Barqa (east), who can contol the Ben Waled or the Almashashia Tribe? Without permission of these tribes no one can move forward. You are armed so make it hell for them!

Of course the enemy has advanced technology. NATO is afraid of Libyans. They do not want you to listen to my voice. That is why they destroyed everything, bombed the phone lines, TV station. They thought that they will silence our voice but they failed. We will fight them in every city and village. We are not afraid!

They are even afraid of my voice. To only hear me is dangerous to the colonizers. If we communicate with tribes that is dangerous to the colonizers and the agents, but this all proves that the enemy is weak. If they were not weak they would not have bombed our TV and they would have allowed us to communicate with each other. They are afraid of our tribes to be in touch with each other; this all proves that they are weak and they only want you to watch their TV channels, which also proves that they are weak.

Why does it scare them when Libyan people are listening to my voice? Because they are weak and afraid. This is a trick, all you are listening to are lies, it’s false.

Let this war be as long as necessary until we win. They cannot rule Libya because we are armed. They have to surrender in front of the Libyan people. They do not have anything, only agents. The colonizers will not be here forever, this will be finished soon. NATO will not protect those agents forever. They want you to be afraid because they are afraid themselves, because they cannot breathe. They cut off all communications because they cannot breathe. They made this plan to steal our oil and to occupy our Land, so do not surrender to those agents.”

Author : Arrai TV