Dr. Shakir: A Call To The Tribes Of Libya

The Tuaregs vow to continue to defend Libya following the death of Muammar Gaddafi.

Translated Exclusively for Libya 360° by Meena Sovjani.
All Rights Reserved.

To All the Tribes Of Libya,

All our tribes have suffered have suffered tremendous losses from the attacks of NATO and their mercenaries.

My brothers, the great Tuareg tribes of Libya and Africa, you elected the deceased Mu’ammer Qadhafi as your Leader.

Your Leader was killed by people who know neither God nor his Prophet Muhammed.

You have seen the abuse they inflicted on the body of your Leader and it is time to respond.

We know that the Tuareg of Libya, Algeria, Western Sahara, Mali and Niger will avenge his death.

Your actions will determine the fate and future of the mercenaries and colonizers.

Now we sound the battle trumpet and begin our fierce resistance against the traitors and colonizers.

We will scorch the earth beneath their feet.

Our grandfather, Omar Muktar, is our inspiration.

The tomb of our Leader, Mu’ammar Qadhafi, will be a beacon that lights our way as we avenge the crimes of NATO and the traitors and drive them from our land.

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