Clinton’s Reaction To Gaddafi’s Assassination Symbolizes The Inhumanity Of Empire

Nina Westbury
Crimson Satellite.

The world was rightly reviled when the news of the brutal assassination of Libya’s revolutionary leader, Muammar al Gaddafi, was released. A man of extraordinary integrity and character, Gaddafi gave his life for the people of Libya and, more broadly, for the independence of Africa. He was called the “Brother Leader” by his people and his millions of followers across the world, and served as an inspiration to the poor and oppressed throughout the African continent and the global south. So to see this man murdered in such a gruesome manner should have shocked and disgusted the whole of humanity. Here is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s reaction when she heard of Gaddafi’s assassination:

To see such bald crassitude from a politician is exceedingly rare. It was President Obama who cried crocodile tears for the alleged crimes committed by Gaddafi (allegations which were later admitted to be complete fabrications). The Obama administration was swept into power, and maintains legitimacy, on the basis of pacifistic rhetoric even as they send more troops to Afghanistan, went to war with Libya, and are currently provoking Syria, Iran, China, and putting down resistance to Uganda’s reactionary dictator Yoweri Museveni.

While the lack of sugar-coated rhetoric is surprising, the lack of humanity and decency isn’t. Actions really do speak louder than words. Among the many globalist voices who championed the war on Libya, Clinton’s has been one of the loudest. The war crimes committed by NATO and the proxies they armed, trained, and funded speak for themselves. In the name of maintaining the decaying American empire, globalists are willing to obliterate any person or any nation standing in the way. As they lose control of the economic crisis they created, they will only grow more desperate.

The foreign policy objectives currently being carried out by the Obama administration were formed before the administration took power and will continue with the next administration.

Hillary Clinton laughed at the death of Brother Leader Gaddafi because she was eagerly awaiting it. The destruction of Libya and the fall of the Jamahiriya, the directly democratic state of the masses created by Gaddafi, makes her happy — another obstacle in the way of global hegemony removed. But she is wrong. The Libyan people continue their heroic resistance against the strongest military force the world has ever known. They will not give up until the monarchists, Islamists, and CIA elements that form the “NTC” are thoroughly crushed. They know what’s at stake. We need to be aware of it, too. The odds are against humanity and in favor of the elite, who control our governments, our media, and much of our lives. But humanity has the tools and the responsibility to fight back.

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