NOI Condemns The Assassination Of Libya’s Revolutionary Leader


They can kill the man but not his ideas.

Brian Muhammad
Final Call

Muammar Gadhafi, the “Lion of Africa” is gone and as with great African luminaries before him like Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the first president of independent Ghana; Gamal Abdel-Nasser, Egypt’s visionary advocate of Pan Arab unity and others; the Libyan revolutionary’s life, work and struggles can begin to be studied and assessed.

When Col. Gadhafi led the Al-Fateh revolution on Sept 1, 1969 deposing King Idriss-al-Sanousi—who was a tool of foreign powers—Libya was one of the poorest nations in the world.

Through the revolution he championed, the power equation where outside interests controlled Libya’s rich oil deposits for their own benefit while the Libyan people suffered in abject poverty changed.

He evicted Americans and the British, and then shut down their military bases. He nationalized the oil industry and used the revenue to build schools, universities, hospitals, and infrastructure.

He shared oil profits directly with the citizens of Libya and gave material support to liberation movements worldwide.

Before the revolution, only 15 percent of Libyans were educated, under Col. Gadhafi the literacy rate blossomed from 20 percent to 83 percent and higher education was a human right, provided free of charge.

He established state of the art health care and manufactured pharmaceuticals that were given free of charge.

Housing was also a right and he provided homes or apartments to every Libyan. Every couple entering marriage was given a $50,000 stipend to start their new lives.

He completed one of the greatest engineering projects anywhere in the world with the “Great Man Made River” that turned a barren desert land into a fertile oasis allowing Libyan self- sufficiency through growing their own foods.

To the Western forces of terror and neo-colonialism, for which of these good works was this man killed?

There were mixed reactions of shock, pain, disbelief by many and celebration and jubilation by others upon hearing that the leader of the revolution and visionary figure for oppressed people everywhere was dead. “Brother Leader,” as the 69-year-old Gadhafi is known was fighting an insurgency since February by Libyan counter-revolutionary forces backed by the United States, France, Britain and Italy under the umbrella of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization—NATO.

Muammar el-Qadhafi stood against all forces of tyranny, tirelessly campaigning for human emancipation and dignity.

“Muammar el-Qadhafi stood against all forces of tyranny, tirelessly campaigning for human emancipation and dignity,” reflected Gerald Perreira, founding member of the former Tripoli based World Mathaba in a statement.

“I am very ashamed as an Arab and as a Muslim to see the ending of Muammar el-Gadhafi,” said Ali Baghdadi, Arab Journal publisher and Middle East adviser in reaction to the news.

“I am ashamed to see people who claim to be Muslims act in a very savage and barbaric way. Of course the real criminal is really the United States of America, particularly Hillary Clinton,” he continued.

Mr. Baghdadi was referring to the words of Mrs. Clinton days before and after the Oct. 20 killing and public mishandling of Col. Gadhafi in the last moments of his life captured on camera then replayed in the media throughout the world.

Mrs. Clinton paid a visit to the National Transitional Council (NTC) in Libya where she openly called for the political assassination of Leader Gadhafi two days before it happened.

“We hope he can be captured or killed soon,” she said.

Then Mrs. Clinton came under heavy condemnation by opponents of American Libya policy after she was caught on camera gloating over the Libyan leader’s death. Smiling and joyously clapping her hands, America’s top diplomat quipped, “We came, we saw, he died.”

Was Brother Leader Gadhafi executed?

Mahmoud Jibril, the NTC’s de-facto prime minister, initially said Gadhafi was killed in “crossfire” trying to escape his hometown of Sirte on foot after a convoy of cars he was in came under attack by French aircraft and unmanned U.S. drones. Both countries denied knowing Col. Gadhafi was present.

However widely circulated videos taken from camera phones first showed a wounded Col. Gadhafi alive in rebel hands and then showed several angles of him lifeless. Also killed in Sirte were Libya’s Defense Minister Abu Bakr Younus, and Mutassim Gadhafi, a son and former national security adviser.

The apparent inconsistency of NTC accounts with the film footage caused the United Nations and human rights advocates to demand an inquiry into the exact circumstances of his death. Reports further said that both Gadhafi and Mutassim appear to have been “executed” after being detained alive.

It’s a fundamental principle of international law that people accused of serious crimes are tried in courts of law. Rupert Colville, a spokesman for the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights said, “Summary executions are strictly illegal. It is different if someone is killed in combat.”

“We believe this was a targeted assassination that was carried out by the United States and the other NATO countries,” said Abayomi Azikiwe, analyst and editor of Pan-Africa Newswire.

“I think it’s a great tragedy for the people of Libya,” said Brian Becker of Answer Coalition which organized anti-NATO rallies across the country condemning the incursion into Libya. “They’ve taken out the leader and replaced him with a new government, which will be basically a NATO client regime.”

Other observers concur and are closely scrutinizing how the interim government handles the investigation moving forward.

But so far, against Islamic law and human dignity, the bodies of Col. Gadhafi, his son Mutassim and Mr. Younus were mockingly placed on display in a Misrata walk in freezer for public view.

“The disgraceful way he was handled … that wasn’t necessary,” said A. Akbar Muhammad, international representative of the Nation of Islam and Minister Louis Farrakhan.

“If they wanted to capture him and take him alive and take him to The Hague and stand trial—that’s one thing. But to shoot him and then put him on display like an animal and line up people with cell phones to take pictures, it’s just uncivilized.”

However as imperialists and their local minions rejoice and boast of victory, serious questions are yet unanswered concerning the future of Libya, the geo-political region and Africa in a post-Gadhafi era.

What’s next for Libya?

On Oct. 23, the American and NATO-sanctioned interim leaders officially declared Libya liberated and free. Nevertheless infighting and resistance to the NTC is expected to occur in various regions of the country.

“The challenge facing post-Gadhafi Libya is daunting. The power, accountability and especially the legitimacy of the interim governing structure remains contested,” wrote Phyllis Bennis, of the Institute for Policy Studies, in a article.

The NTC announced elections in eight months, albeit with challenges because broad unity was never established among the different actors in the insurgency. The loosely organized groups remain armed and acutely tribal. What role they’re expecting to play is uncertain, heightening the potential for conflict over who will ultimately control Libya.

“The anti-Gadhafi militias largely remain independent of the NTC, with fighters from the western town of Misrata and the Nafusa Mountains, making public their lack of accountability to the NTC,” wrote Ms. Bennis.

Additionally there is a difficulty factor inherent within the new Libya involving Al-Qaeda elements reminiscent of Afghanistan. It became pronounced with the presence of Abdel Hakim Belhadj, a known Al-Qaeda operative, appointed to the top military post in Tripoli by the NTC interim government.

In the aftermath of the fall of Col. Gadhafi, similar to U.S. support of Osama Bin-Laden and the Mujahidin fighters against Soviet occupation in Afghanistan during the 1980s, “unpredictable forces” may now be unleased.

According to analysts, in order to affect the overthrow and assassination of Col. Gadhafi, America formed alliances with enemies they are battling in Afghanistan. These forces described as “Islamic fundamentalists” were the front line soldiers among the rebel forces.

NATO potentially introduced additional troubles for the region by giving military training to Berber minorities to fight the Gadhafi government. There are concerns about what is next for that group in the “new” Libya—and beyond.

“The Berber minority plays a pivotal role throughout North Africa, not least in Algeria and in Morocco. And by empowering them thusly in Libya, it seems to me that the NATO forces may be introducing further instability” in the entire region, said Dr. Gerald Horne, History Professor at the University of Houston in a Sept. 10, article.

NATO destroyed the infrastructure of the country and killed 50,000 Libyans through indiscriminate bombing, said Mr. Baghdadi. He estimates reconstruction costs will be trillions of dollars and the contracts are part of the shared pickings for America, France and Britain.

“The whole thing had nothing to do with liberation; had nothing to do with democracy; it has to do with robbing the entire country for many years to come,” he said.

International consultant and author Adrian Salbuchi agrees and told that NATO in Libya doesn’t end with Col. Gadhafi’s assassination.

“This is just the beginning and part of global regime change. This means orange alert for Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador and definitely red alert for Syria and Iran,” he warned.

Implications for Africa

For Africa, Muammar Gadhafi was a stalwart for African advancement and development and his death comes amid increasing popular unrest across the globe.

A modern-day scramble for Africa featuring China on the one hand and America and France on the other hand is already underway.

There is also a fresh strategy for implementing regime change through intervention and “partnership” with leaders opposed to sovereign governments and through legal mandates from the United Nations.

Some conclude these circumstances open the door to re-colonize, militarize and pillage Africa of its natural riches while posing a major dilemma for the African Union.

The AU stood strong with Col. Gadhafi in the beginning of NATO’s onslaught, but its position has now changed.

The AU announced it lifted its suspension of Libya’s membership and is authorizing the current authorities in Libya to occupy the country’s seat in the AU and its organs.

Mr. Muhammad believes the brutal way Col. Gadhafi—who is loved by the African masses—was murdered, coupled with the uprisings sweeping the Middle East, America, Europe and Africa is of serious concern for African leaders.

There have been continued protests in Egypt and demonstrations in Burkina Faso, South Africa and Uganda against ruling governments.

“And when somebody as strong as Brother Gadhafi goes, who they really looked at as a strong man and they see how he turned out, it’s going to weaken the African Union,” said Mr. Muhammad, adding, “this loosens the appetite to focus on the importance of the African Union.”

Africa may also be negatively affected by Col. Gadhafi’s assassination because of his strong support for the continent through economic development projects and the establishment of the African Union. It was Col. Gadhafi who revived the Pan-African vision of the United States of Africa, with one central government, army and a currency backed by gold.

To begin moving African states toward that goal, he financed the evolution of the former Organization of African Unity—formed by African leaders Dr. Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Sekou Toure of Guinea, Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt and others—into the current African Union—a move met with unvarying pressure from outside interests.

“The African Union has been given a strong signal by Western imperialism that any effort toward unification, any effort toward us establishing our own independent standard of economy like the gold dinar that Brother Gadhafi was advocating … is against the interest of imperialism,” said political analyst Dedon Kimathi, and host of “Freedom Now” on Pacifica Radio in Los Angeles.

“The African Union is now in a very awkward position and these will be testing grounds on whether it can survive or not,” opined Mr. Muhammad.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam, whose work among the downtrodden people in North America and other parts of the world, found solidarity with the Libyan leader as his brother and friend.

Several months ago, the Minister warned imperialists against assassinating Col. Gadhafi on Pacifica Radio’s “Spectrum Today” program with Askia Muhammad, saying, “If they kill Brother Gadhafi, I submit to you that American interests in Africa will come under severe strain.”

“That man has invested in Africa more than any other leader in the recent history of Africa’s coming into political independence,” he reminded. (Click here for audio.)

Col. Gadhafi championed the idea of building railroads and infrastructure in Africa. As an example, he financed an African satellite, where Libya paid $400 million, and the other African nations invested $100 million. That cut an expensive annual fee of $500 million dollars to Europe where Africa’s phone calls were routed.

Minister Farrakhan pointed out that America needs African mineral resources to remain a viable power in the 21st century and historically the U.S. has viewed leaders like Col. Gadhafi as hindrances to unfettered access to the wealth of the continent.

The Muslim leader said in a March 31 press conference that the rush to eliminate Gadhafi was based on imperial powers anger for Col. Gadafi never agreeing to their agenda of “sucking the resources of Third World peoples” and their propping up dictators who acquiesce to such arrangements.

“Whenever a government arose, a leader arose, that wanted to use the resources of that nation for that nation’s people; America—through the CIA—would plan insurrection, coups, terrorist activities, and even assassination of good leaders,” said Min. Farrakhan.

Mr. Azikwe added, Col. Gadhafi’s killing is “part and parcel of U.S. foreign policy” objectives with implications for African nations like Zimbabwe where Western powers also advocate ousting President Robert Mugabe for his independent political positions. The assassination also silences a major voice against militarizing Africa through the U.S. African Command—AFRICOM.

“They’re (America) sending one hundred special forces and military advisors to several Central and Eastern countries on the African continent including Uganda, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the newly independent, South Sudan.”

The struggle continues

In the struggle for freedom, justice and liberation where comrades betray comrades and strategic alliances with foes can’t be trusted as in Libya; the elimination of Gadhafi doesn’t eradicate the struggle.

“The road to power is always paved in blood and people know that. The road to power during the American Revolution, families split and loyalists went to Canada and some sided with the British empire. This is not a new phenomena, this is the road to history,” reflected Mr. Muhammad.

“They can kill the man but they can never kill his profound ideas. His legacy is only made stronger by his martyrdom,” said Mr. Perreira.


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  1. Alexandra says:

    On November 2, 2011 elsalovendahl said:

    U.S. role in Libya’s fall, overseas meddling leading to fall of nation, warns Min. Farrakhan

    By Ashahed M. Muhammad

    CHICAGO ( – In his first major national interview since the death of Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan sat with prominent radio personality Cliff Kelley for an in-studio interview at WVON 1690AM.

    Minister Farrakhan entered the studio October 25 with a focused and extremely serious look on his face as Mr. Kelley asked him how he was feeling.

    “I feel like I have lost a very, very important member of my own family. I can’t take the assassination of Muammar Gadhafi lightly, as I could not take the assassination of my brother, or my mother, or my wife or my children lightly. That’s the kind of relationship that we had and that we have,” Min. Farrakhan responded. “I come to say to the world that the Nation of Islam mourns the loss of a great brother, leader, the Lion of the Desert, the Lion of Africa, and those who rejoice at his death, your laughter will turn to tears and your joy will turn to sorrow and great pain because of what the Western world and those collaborators will lose as a result of his betrayal and his ultimate assassination.”

    A full media contingent was present for the interview and thousands viewed live via internet webcast as Minister Farrakhan described his close relationship with Col. Gadhafi. The Minister said his relationship began with Col. Gadhafi in the late ‘70s during the time of his work to rebuild the Nation of Islam after the departure of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. In fact, the relationship between the Nation of Libya and the Nation of Islam goes back even further to 1971 when the Hon. Elijah Muhammad obtained a loan from the Libyan leader to purchase what is now the international headquarters of the Nation of Islam.

    The Minister described how on September 17, 1985, he experienced something that would forever alter the course of his life, forever linking him and Col. Gadhafi together. While in the small Mexican village called Tepoztlan, Minister Farrakhan described how during the night while sleeping, he was transported to a large mechanical aircraft. Commonly called Unidentified Flying Objects, in the Nation of Islam, these mechanical aircraft are referred to as wheels, or baby planes, and they all emanate from the Mother Plane or Mother Wheel—a human-built planet measuring a half-mile by a half-mile.

    While there, the Minister heard the voice of his teacher, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and received guidance.

    “I have described this over and over again to those who believe, and of course, those who disbelieve. But a Scroll rolled down with cursive writing on it. And as I began to get closer to it to read it, I heard the voice of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as hopefully you are hearing my voice right now. He told me that: ‘The president has met with his joint chiefs of staff to plan a war,’ and he wanted me to make known the president’s plans. And he said, ‘Tell them that you got it from me, Elijah Muhammad, on The Wheel,’” Minister Farrakhan recounted.

    The Minister said later, while in the West African country of Ghana during a world tour in 1986, it became clear that war was planned against the North African nation of Libya. The Minister sent his family back to the United States and traveled immediately to Tripoli to warn Col. Gadhafi. After doing so, the Minister left Libya to return to the U.S.

    “Before I could leave Libya, an American jet was shot down and the war, it looked like, was going to start. But I was blessed to get out; and while I was in Saudi Arabia, America bombed Benghazi, Tripoli, his home—the communications center,” said Min. Farrakhan. “His life was spared, and I knew then that God had made a brother for me, and made me a brother to him. And that’s how our relationship began.”

    It took 25 years for current U.S. President Barack H. Obama to fulfill what was started under the president at that time—Ronald W. Reagan. The bombing of Libya in 1986 was considered the most expensive assassination attempt ever, until this most recent assassination attempt, which began in February of this year, he said.

    Something has been set in motion that will ultimately bring about the end of the United Nations and again, the Minister lamented, “Your joy—I hate to say—your joy will be short lived, for what you have done, America, England, France, Italy, Canada,” he added.

    “You succeeded in being the author of the assassination of a sitting president, or ruler of his country. Well, what are the consequences of such an act? None of us can trust the United Nations again because it is a pawn of the Western world. No nation that had weapons of mass destruction would dare give them up as Muammar Gadhafi gave up his!”

    The Minister said Pakistan, and North Korea will keep their WMDs and other nations without them will seek to obtain them as the only means of protecting their sovereign nations against the rapacious greed of the warmongering Western powers.

    “You have earned, now, a Great War that is on the horizon and in killing Muammar Gadhafi, you have upset revolutionaries throughout the world, and American interests are in danger, now, because the spirit that is in the world that loved him will be to do harm to American interests.

    “Well, is that your spirit, Minister Farrakhan?” he asked rhetorically. “I don’t need weapons. The weapon that I have is the tongue that God gave me, and The Word that He gave me to speak and The Warning that He gave me to give America and the world. No, I don’t have that in my heart. But the scripture is very clear: ‘Vengeance is Mine, sayeth the Lord’—and you are about to reap all that you have sown—and then some!”

    Gadhafi the Warrior and Leader

    Again drawing from his teacher, the Minister said following the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said “there is no king, no ruler, no prophet who enjoys 100 percent the love of his people.”

    “That has never happened in these 6,000 years and it certainly is not so in America, and it was not so in Libya. I never lived in Libya, so I don’t, like the Libyans, know Libya; but I know something of the good of Muammar Gadhafi that made me to love him as a brother, and to feel a great sense of loss at his assassination,” he said.

    The Minister then read the reported will written by Col. Gadhafi said to be written less than a week before his death. It had been reported that Col. Gadhafi said he would be martyred in Libya, and that he wanted to die where he fought.

    “He was killed in a military uniform,” said Min. Farrakhan. “Gadhafi died in honor, fighting for the Libya that he believed in! They would never have won if NATO was not bombing day in and day out!”

    He then drew attention to the photos of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, shaking hands with Col. Gadhafi’s son Mutassim—Libya’s National Security Advisor—approximately a year and a half ago. Mutassim was also reportedly killed on Oct. 20. This shows that an avowed enemy should be watched, and that others in leadership should be watched for signs of betrayal he said as he turned to members of the Nation of Islam inside the studio.

    “Shaking hands with your enemy, and receiving a pat on the back from your enemy, should never lull you to sleep (thinking) that the enemy has changed!” said Minister Farrakhan, his voice reaching a crescendo. “The enemy is the enemy and when you fall on that knowledge that is when the enemy will take us out! The betrayals of his inner circle— don’t think that that is overseas—that is in our own house! And we, today, need to watch for those close around for signs of betrayal, because it is written in the scriptures of the Bible that in the Last Days, perilous times will come. And betrayal will be one of the marks of the end of the world because people will feel that they’ll be safer betraying a good cause—a just cause—to save their lives.”

    Hypocrisy of the West

    The Minister had sharp words for Pres. Obama and Secy. Clinton, as he exposed the backstabbing skullduggery of international leaders. He said the war profiteers will be moving into Libya to rebuild the infrastructure that they were responsible for destroying.

    He also criticized the Obama administration’s use of extrajudicial assassinations using Special Forces and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, referred to as drones.

    For example, Osama bin Laden was captured without a weapon, however, he was killed by Special Forces before being brought to trial for the crimes he was allegedly responsible for. Anwar al-Awlaki, an American citizen, was killed in Yemen by a predator drone. A few days later, his 16-year-old son, was also killed by a drone.

    “Now, Muammar Gadhafi and his sons lie dead! Saddam Hussein and his sons lie dead! Well, what about your sons? They’re dying in Iraq on the basis of a lie! They’re dying in Afghanistan on the basis of a lie! And now drones are in Pakistan, drones in Somalia, drones in Yemen! When will it stop? America, do you think that you can get away with this?” he asked.

    Even during the station breaks for commercials, Minister Farrakhan continued to teach. At one point, he directed his attention to the members of the media contingent present in the studio. He said the corporate media is “bought and paid for” and many who work in media are afraid to tell the truth. Most don’t know the truth of Gadhafi’s accomplishments, his efforts to unify Africa, his support for revolutionary movements, nor is the unsuspecting public aware of the evil carried out by the American government globally, he said.

    “This is a hell of a betrayal of the American people when you will not tell them the truth because you’re afraid that if you tell the truth, your bosses will take your job from you!” said the Minister. “You don’t have a democracy when you don’t have a free press!

    Then pointing to the cameras he said, “You’re all slaves—and you love it! So you deserve what you get! The erosion of your democracy! You’ll soon be the laughing stock of the world,” adding that soon those involved in the growing Occupy Wall Street movement could soon be targeting the media.

    “Look how long it took you all to talk about what was going on in New York! It took you two weeks, because the same people that control the banks control the media! You all know it but are afraid to say it! But God put it on Farrakhan to say it for you! And maybe one day you’ll get some courage to stand up and give America free media! A real, free fourth estate,” he said.

    Minister Farrakhan again chided the American government for its continued arrogance citing a recent decision by Pres. Obama to send troops into Uganda, even while announcing complete troop withdrawal in Iraq. He also pointed out that though the U.S.-led NATO operation appears to have been successful from their point of view, the Libyan National Transitional Council leader Mustafa Abdul Jalil announced the nation will be governed under Sharia law, which America claims to be fighting all over the world.

    “Oh America, America, you’re blinded by your arrogance! You’re blinded by your military power and it’s leading you, step-by-step, to your destruction,” said Min. Farrakhan. “I want you to know that you’re through as a world power! Through! Through!”

    Returning to the Occupy Wall Street movement, when asked by a member of the press how he would advise Pres. Obama to keep the protests over the economic crisis here in America from becoming violent, the Minister said the president will “probably instruct the police to be very, very careful,” with the young protesters.

    “People are hurting and these young people are expressing themselves. At first in New York the police were very hard on them, and this is not the best approach,” said the Minister warning that if the law enforcement officials grow tired of the protesters and any of them are killed, it could take them over the tipping point ushering in a violent escalation.

    “If it gets to the point where America gets tired of the protest of these young people and something happens—like what happened at Kent State, and young Americans are killed—I tell you, militias in this country that have been training for war against their own government will come out in the streets to protect these children and it’s on,” he said.

    “I told you before that what you saw overseas was coming to your door! And now it is here! And it will get worse! I pray that you will tell your police to be full of restraint. But when they are not, then be careful,” he warned.

    In a final plea, Minister Farrakhan cautioned Pres. Obama to change his course of action and resist the counsel of his wicked advisors. The Minister has always said how proud he was to see Mr. Obama ascend to the highest political office of the land, however, even before his candidacy was taken seriously, the Minister warned the office of the presidency was fraught with danger and controlled by powerful outside forces.

    “Naturally when you campaign for an office, it’s not like sitting in the seat,” said Min. Farrakhan. “It’s easy to say things when you’re not sitting in the seat. But when you sit in the seat and face the realities that that seat represents, it can change you if you’re not strong enough to change it.”

    Citing Pres. Obama’s decision to surround himself with people from Goldman Sachs who advised him to bail out Wall Street, as well those who were angered by his apologetic overtures towards the Muslim world, it is clear that he is being misguided by those who have another idea for America’s direction. They don’t want to heal the wounds caused by the injurious policies of previous administrations, and they have no desire to apologize for the evil that has been done.

    “The moment he did that, a man like (Mitt) Romney (said) ‘We don’t need nobody to apologize for us!’ Well, if you’re wrong, and your policies have injured the nation, somebody has to apologize! If the Pope of Rome was strong enough—and I’m talking about John Paul: When John Paul apologized to the Indigenous peoples of the world that the Church was wrong, how can he apologize and he’s the head of all Christendom, and you, this little non-descript former governor of Massachusetts, (are) going to beat the hell out of a president that wants to heal your wounds and bring people together! But you jumped on him! You beat him down! You made him into the man that he’s becoming! You should suffer the consequences of it!

    “And for a man to have won the Nobel Peace Prize after just a few days in office, and now has brought America into five different wars—who led him this way? Who are his advisers?” he asked.

    The Minister said their desire is to ensure that Mr. Obama will be a one-term president with a ruined reputation.

    “I say to you, Brother Barack, you had a great future. You’re only a baby—50 years old! Look at what Jimmy Carter did after his time in the White House, look at what (Bill) Clinton is trying to do! But these wicked demons that advise you are trying to destroy your future so that you will never be able to go to Africa and win Africa, nor the Muslim world, nor Central and South America!” said the Minister. “I hope, if you get a second one, you’ll recover.”

    Farrakhan: Nation of Islam mourns assassination of Muammar Gadhafi

    In his first major national interview since the death of Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan sat with prominent radio personality Cliff Kelley in studio at WVON 1690AM. Minister Farrakhan entered the studio with an extremely serious look on his face and was very focused as Mr. Kelley asked him the how he was feeling.

    “I feel like I have lost a very, very important member of my own family. I can’t take the assassination of Muammar Gadhafi lightly, as I could not take the assassination of my brother, or my mother, or my wife or my children lightly. That’s the kind of relationship that we had and that we have,” said Min. Farrakhan. “I come to say to the world that the Nation of Islam mourns the loss of a great brother leader, the Lion of the Desert, the Lion of Africa, and those who rejoice at his death, your laughter will turn to tears and your joy will turn to sorrow and great pain because of what the Western world and those collaborators will lose as a result of his betrayal and his ultimate assassination.”

    A full media contingent was present for the interview and thousands viewed live via internet webcast as Minister Farrakhan described his close relationship with Col. Gadhafi, exposed the backstabbing skullduggery of international leaders and foretold the future of the United Nations. He also had sharp words of warning for President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

    “You’re blinded by your arrogance and your military power and it is leading you step by step into your destruction,” he said.

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