Libya360° Reader Tributes To The Late Brother Leader Of The World Revolution

Sóivéid James Connolly

Brón ar an mBas, An Coirnéal Muammar Gaddafi

D’aithle Leon na hAifric
Is trua liom timheal an tsaol
Is mairg liom clann na hAifric
Atá ag gol go goirt faoi néal

Fuil an Leoin sa chré
Is cuis chrá dod charaid
Bhíomar in dochas
Go raibh tú i dtaillte na dTuarag

Sheas tú sa Bhearna Baoil
I gCathair naofa na Sirte
Ghlan tú náire na Libia
Le d’fhuil oirdhearc féin

Rinne tú an oiread
Ar son na hÉireann.

Sorrow on the Death of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi

After the Lion of Africa
I pity the fading of the world
I sorrow for the children of Africa
Who cry salt tears under cloud

The Blood of the Lion in the earth
Its a cause of torment to your friends
We had been in hope
That you were in the lands of the Tuarag

You stood in the Gap of Danger
In the holy city of Sirte
You cleaned the shame of Libya
With your own noble blood

You did as much
For the sake of Ireland

Dublin Memorial And Tribute To The Fallen In Libya, December 18, 2011

From InomineX

The King Is Dead? Long Live The King!


Mar a mbíonn an fhirinne, bíonn solas
Mar a mbíonn solas, bíonn dóchas
Bíonn àilleacht, comhbhà agus onòir
Mar chothù an anama.

where there is truth, there is light.
where there is light, there is hope.
beauty, empathy, and honour
are sustenance for the soul

Davis O’Neal Was Inspired To Produce A Series Of Amazing Videos In Honor Of Muammar Gaddafi And He Generously Shared Them All With Us. We Are Grateful. They Are Posted Beginning With The First, Ending With The Last.

From Tariq

I am Libya.

I am the free Libyan sons,
strong, loyal, and revolutionary.

I am the free Libyan daughters,
independent, empowered, and proud.

I am the university students, eager and bright.
I am the trusted elders, kind and revered.

I am the tribal Libya of rich heritage.
I am the cosmopolitan Libya of recent prosperity.

I am the Libya of art, music and literature
and the Libya of modernity, development, and innovation.

I am the Libya where no voice falls on deaf ears
and all people have the power of kings and queens.

I am green, fertile Libya
where crops are harvested in former arid desert.

I am the strong-willed, liberated Libya
and I refuse to be exploited.

I am the jeweled crown
of beautiful queen Africa.

I am that Libya
the Libya of Muammar al-Gaddafi,
who forever resides in my heart.

From Meena

The Leader of the Revolution and his family have not enriched themselves with Libya’s oil wealth and are among the most simple living citizens. No one has been able to show that Gaddafi or his family had assets or accounts. That is more proof of the honesty and transparency of this family and shows that they are an ordinary Libyan family. All wealth of Libya is traceable to functioning companies and institutions.

Moussa Ibrahim

Anonymous Acknowledge Muammar Gaddafi As The Leader Of The World Revolution

More Tributes To Be Added As Posts Are Archived…