ANC Youth Salute The Anti-Imperialist Martyr, Muammar Gaddafi

Mandela, now 92 and retired, was once quoted as saying: “Those who feel irritated by our friendship with President Gaddafi can go jump in the pool.”

The African National Congress Youth League salutes Colonel Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi, the ANTI-IMPERIALIST MARTYR, a brave soldier and fighter against the recolonisation of the African continent. Brother Leader was ruthlessly killed by rebels armed by NATO forces, who invaded Libya because of its Natural resources. Brother Leader resisted imperialist domination of the African continent and never agreed to the continued draining of natural resources from beneath Africa’s soil. He understood and appreciated that Africa’s natural resources should be economically used to benefit the people of Africa.

That he was killed in combat is an inspiration to many Freedom Fighters across the continent and the world, particularly to the generation of Economic Freedom Fighters. Like Colonel Gadaffi, as Economic Freedom Fighters we will fight to the bitter end and ready to pay the highest price for the retaining of South Africa and Africa’s natural resources to the rightful owners. As Economic Freedom Fighters, we are ready to fight tirelessly to protect and defend the sovereignty of our countries. As Economic Freedom Fighters, we are ready to defend the political freedom and liberation, and de-colonisation handed to us by the generations of anti-colonial Freedom Fighters.

The political liberation handed to us by the generation of anti-colonial Freedom Fighters should be defended because it is the platform upon which we will transfer wealth from those who owned and controlled it under colonial and apartheid domination and continue to do so now. The struggle for economic freedom and liberation will never be easy, because imperialist agents will infiltrate the oppressed and exploited people and portray anti-imperialist fighters as enemies of the people. The struggle for economic freedom will never be easy because like Gadaffi was betrayed, there will be so many betrayals and sell-outs along the way, who will co-operate with imperialist forces to banish and demolish Freedom Fighters.

The only appropriate send off we can give to Colonel Gadaffi, the ANTI-IMPERIALIST MARTYR, a brave soldier and fighter against the recolonisation of the African continent is by re-committing ourselves to the struggle for total economic freedom in our lifetime. The question we should ask is WHO IS NEXT?

Rest in Peace Brother Leader!


Nelson Mandela’s Tribute To Muammar Gaddafi