General Khamis Gaddafi’s Message To His Russian Friend

Khamis Gaddafi Martyred

Thank you to all my classmates and teachers who have given me a winning spirit, and have taught to adequately assess a combat situation and who have given me valuable combat experience and skills. I am honoured that I had such teachers; time will show I made them proud.

Thanks to all our supporters from Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet countries, especially to the brave souls who are fighting shoulder to shoulder with us to defend my country against the aggression.

We will win or die; no one will give up or run away. To die fighting side by side with warriors is the dream of anyone who defends their country. To have friends among the Russian people is an honour for the Libyans and written on the pages of Libya’s history, Allah is our witness. In the words of your Russian song; “This land will be ours if we don’t die in a battle!” But Libya has always been ours and will always be ours, even if we die.

Many things have changed in the world. Who would have thought that everything would turn out this way? But remember this is where we studied for and prepared ourselves for. We will endure this trial with valour.

In spite of what the British, French and American newspapers and TV report, a huge majority of the population supports us. And we won’t abandon them, we won’t allow them to get looted and massacred.

Our enemies are traitors who want to sell Libya to foreigners, to capitalist and colonialists. I have ordered all media to inform the international community about NATO and its crimes and about the criminal rebels. I have asked them to spread the information after each raid on civilian targets and civilians, after each battle or massacre of ordinary Libyans and foreigners.

I want to make sure that Libya, which is now a river flowing with blood, will be seen by the world, so the world finally sees what the United Nations and the so-called “civilized West” are about.

Our blood is not cheap. None of the traitors will sleep peacefully until the end of my days, I swear by God and by the honour of the Libyan Army Officers.

Take care of yourself, your family and your country. Once again Sergei, I am honoured by our friendship.