Wherever You Are, Stand And Fight!

Compiled On September 27, 2011 By Alexandra Valiente Editor Of Libya 360°

Khamis Gaddafi, commander of the Elite 32nd Brigade, stated in an interview with the Libyan Press office in Venezuela,

The Army´s Elite 32nd Brigade with 3.000 troops has adopted a new tactic in fighting the war waged on Libya to protect and preserve it´s independence and the revolutionary developments in the Arab African Country. To avoid strikes by NATO Air Forces the Army is detached in Platoon size units of 20-30 fighters who neutralize supply lines, logistics, as well as operational bases. The strategy has been applied in the areas of Al Brega, Ras Lanuf, Zawiya and other regions. The 32nd Brigade and it´s units are the backbone around which the other Military Units, Tribal Militia, Volunteers and International Allies coalesce. The result is a permanent harassment of the invaders.

M’utasim Gaddafi stated in an interview the previous day,

We are now fighting on two fronts. One is the front to protect our besieged cities, whom I send my best wishes and love. Bani Walid, Sirte, Sheba. The other front is southern Libya, where we have discovered the weaknesses of NATO and it´s allies. There are colossal areas in which they have not been able to conduct operations. This front began in Ghadames and Gat, turning these small towns into bastions.

I send my greetings to all you honest people of Libya and those who are with us in all countries. Let us tell them that we know how to defeat our enemy. Libya is our country and I thank the tribes of the South who rose up against the traitors.

The Libyan Youth Movement issued this statement today,

Wherever you are, where you live, where you work, if you are a group of three or more, take up arms and fight!