Libyan Legitimate Government Launches Successful Offensive Against NATO in Bani Walid

The Libyan Jamahariya Government has implemented a counter attack against NATO militias outside the town of Bani Walid killing at least 45 and confiscating 25 heavily armoured vehicles.

This counter attack comes after multiple failures by NATO in its attempt to occupy the strategic town. Libyans have resisted NATO for 6 months, and it seems they are refusing to give up even while facing the world’s most powerful force.

After 6 months of terrorism, mass murder, torture, public hangings, mass abduction etc.. The resistance continues and is as strong as ever. NATO militias are starting to fight each other, blaming each other for their failures but refusing to admit that they are failing due to the will of the Libyan people.

Libyan people do not want them, nor NATO, but it seems people are killed or taken hostage and tortured if they express their support for the Libyan Government. As proven by RT journalist, there is huge support for the Libyan Jamahariya government all across Libya, but they only speak of that support without the presence of cameras because they fear for their lives.

NATO and its militias have brutally murdered Libyans from the start to suppress them and their desire to live under the Jamahariya Democracy, instead of a puppet fascism.

From public hangings, to torture, even people burned alive for expressing their support for the Jamahariya Government.

Libyans can’t speak because they would get abducted, or worse killed, worse tortured to death. Mass graves have been found in and around Tripoli, those mass graves are of the Government supporters killed by NATO militias.

So what did NATO achieve in this war of aggression after 6 months? We haven’t seen anything but death, destruction, widespread suffering, chaos, lawlessness and misery. Was this the intention of NATO?

Most analyst believes this is exactly what NATO intended for Libya, creating a stalemate which only had one objective, to destroy Libya.


Most observers and analysts believe that NATO member states have implemented this war of aggression because their economies are in a state of decline, they need jobs. So the objective is to destroy Libya, then make Libyans pay NATO companies for the rebuilding, the objective is to use Libyan wealth to boost their economies. Another objective is believed to be the privatization of oil, currently oil in Libya is state owned, NATO is trying hard to change that, to give its private companies extra profits.

The question remains, will NATO accomplish its objective? It seems not as the Libyan government has shown a stiff resistance against NATO plans and is working hard to defend Libya and its sovereignty.