Moussa Ibrahim, September 16th, 2011

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim – Spokesperson of the Libyan Government

Last night the spokesperson for the Libyan Government, Dr. Moussa Ibrahim addressed the Libyan People. This follows recent intelligence about NATO plans to commit a False Flag Massacre in Tripoli on 18 September, one day before the U.N. Security Counsel is to decide on future U.N. Missions in Libya.

The key points of his address were that the attempts to penetrate the loyalists front have failed, although the fierce attacks and bombings were unbelievable. Pertaining Qatar Dr. Ibrahim said, that the Government of Qatar wants to make it´s protesters like extremists, saying that they were liberals like Mahmoud Jibril, backed by France and Britain, who is the biggest ally of those groups that destroy and kill in the name of religion. Pertaining Algeria, Dr. Ibrahim explained that it was targeted because it is a major economical power in the region, because of it´s vast resources and because it follows the anti imperialistic humanitarian way in politics, refusing to bow under for the dogs of imperialism. We know, he continued, that there are differences between the NATO countries like Turkey, France and others, but that they have found the common ground to divide Libya for their economical profit.

Dr. Ibrahim Moussa continued by emphasizing, that the NATO conspiracy is not against Libya alone, but that it is against Egypt, Algeria, Libya, and all economically independent countries with great natural resources. Arabs should be aware, he continued, that this is the launch of “Project Colonization of North Africa” and we are targeted, because we are the bearers of Arabism, Islam, and Humanity.

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim explicitly warned the Libyan population that there was no demonstration on 18 September, explaining that the SMS Message, that was sent to all residents of the Tripoli area, calling on people to come out en mass on 18 September was sent by NATO to provide a context for a false flag massacre on Libyans that would then be blamed on Muammar Ghadafi and loyalist troops. Finally Dr. Moussa Ibrahim also warned the population not to panic because of false reports in media and inter-net, that were designed to demoralize and create confusion. “ If we want to address the Libyan Population, we will do so through the Arrai Channel “.

The official warning by the Libyan Government tonight, that there has not been called for a demonstration on 18 September follows our report from yesterday, based on French, Ukrainian and Italian Intelligence sources, that NATO had purchased old Soviet Arms from Latvia and Moldova, to stage a Massacre that would be blamed on Muammar Ghadafi and Loyalist forces. The NATO False Flag Massacre was planned one day before a U.N. Security Counsel session where NATO will plead for a prolongation and extension of it´s mandate.

Today, the Transitional National Counsel was officially recognized by the U.N. as the lawful government of Libya. This means among other, that the TNC can play a more active role concerning the Security Counsel Session on 19 September. It also implies that funds of two major Libyan oil companies and other funds that had been frozen now will be available for the TNC. We will break down the composition of the TNC, it´s members and their background for you in a follow up article. For now, what is of imminent importance is to realize the security implications of a Libyan Government, represented at the United Nations, which is composed of Al Qaeda Operatives, CIA and MI6 Assets, Royalists, Islamic Fundamentalists, and their like, while Intelligence sources warn about a heightened risk for terrorist attacks in Europa and the USA between 11 September and January.