Moussa Ibrahim, September 5th, 2011

Translation courtesy of A’ishah Warsan for Libya 360°

Peace be upon your viewers.

I would like to apologise for my prolonged absence but we are fighting a battle for the good of all Arabs, Muslims and the world.

We are fighting in squares, rooms, valleys and villages. Therefore we often do not find the time to communicate with the media, although we are aware of the media’s critical importance and the people’s desire for accurate news reports.

We are not only fighting armed rebels. We are fighting NATO, the largest military force in the world. However, NATO is suffering both from its absense of morality and its crippled morale.

We are under a complete siege in terms of communication and media, however our consciousness is alive and our hearts beat strong. The radiance of resistance shines from within us. We attain this strength and courage from our piety and righteousness.

We will either win or be martyred.

Regarding developments in Sabha, Sirte and Bani Walid, I would like to say to the great people of Libya, do not be saddened. Do not surrender to the media campaign of speculation and lies.

Yes, the conspiracy is immense, but we are strong and God is testament and witness to that. We are still capable of turning the tide against these traitors and cowards and their NATO masters.

There are vast stretches of territory that are loyal to Libya, our mother.

The lands from Brega to the New Hisha are fully liberated (approximately 600 km across).

The lands that extend from the sea to the Niger-Chad borders, passing by Sokna, Hon and Murzuq, are fully liberated (1600 km in length).

The area from Sirte to Bani Walid passing by cities and hamlets is liberated.

There are also numerous areas nearby that are free due to the glorious resistance in the West of the country such as Al-Ejilat and Jenan. I commend our brave men in Wershefana, Al-Asabaa, Al-Gwalish and Mizda and many more who are continuing this fight against cowards and traitors.

As for the areas controlled by the NATO backed cowards, the resistance still continues. They have occupied Tripoli for the last two weeks but they have not been able to retain a foothold on their territorial gains and are bewildered.

The resistance is also continuing in Abu Sleem and El-Hadba but there have also been battles in Siyahiya, Soug El-Jumaa, Tajoura, Bab Ben Gheshir and Dreiby.

Due to the skirmishes the rebels have abandoned their checkpoints and are cowered in schools and other military facilities, avoiding daylight encounters because they have become legitimate targets for those leading the resistance.

The tribes that are being pressured in Werfella and Bani Walid have re-affirmed their position with all courage, “ No we will not surrender. We will liberate the whole of Libya, not just Tripoli.“

The loyal and honourable tribes of Sirte and the brave warriors in the Fezzan area are with us.

We are saddened that the rebels have taken over Tripoli. We are in the city, but cautious that our army not be seen by NATO, our primary enemy.

The cowards on the ground are dispersed, weak and are no match for us. Again, our main enemy is NATO and we will protect our army.

We are waiting for the holy hour to jump on these armed rebels and liberate the whole of Libya.

I would like to tell all Arabs and Libyans that Libya will not fall. The fall of Libya would mean the fall of Algeria, Syria and Saudi Arabia and the loss of our sovereignty to colonialists.

I would like to tell my Muslim brothers around the world not to allow the Imperialists to mute your dreams and enforce their ideals and agendas upon you.

I have been following the global political situation and can see that the entire world has agreed that the war on Libya was a sound investment for France. France will gain excellently from this and that 35% of Libyan oil has been allocated to France in exchange for helping the rebels. We have distributed the documentations that prove that France will be allocated 35 % of Libyan oil supplies prior to this. If France is to be allocated this amount then how much has been allocated to Italy, Britain and America? We have been sold out.

Imagine destroying our homes, farms, schools and hospitals and they ask us to pay for all this from our oil revenues and more. These are people that have sold their consciousness and morals to the benefit of the West.

Extremist Islam has taken over by the assigning of the rebel command of Tripoli to known terrorist Abdelhakim Belhaj.

We will continue with this struggle until we are victorious.

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