Cameron, Sarkozy, Pledge More Power To Neo-Colonial Libya

French president Nicolas Sarkozy and British premiere David Cameron have pledged to continue financial and military support for the National Transitional Council. The announcement came during the leaders’ joint visit to Libya.

­Abayimi Azikiwe, the editor of the Pan-African News Wire, agrees that the visit is aimed at reinforcing the legitimacy of the National Transitional Council, although he uses quite different language to describe the situation.

“I believe that the visit on the part of Nicolas Sarkozy of France and David Cameron of Britain is an attempt to show up this neo-colonial takeover of the most oil-rich and the most prosperous country on the African continent,” he told RT.

Azikiwe says the war in Libya is far from over, citing recent attacks presumed to have been committed by Gaddafi loyalists on an oil facility and other sites controlled by the rebels, and the fact that the colonel himself is still in hiding.

“Even though they are proclaiming victory in Tripoli and throughout the country, resistance is still very strong. They’ve not been able to track down Colonel Gaddafi. He has been giving regular speeches through Syrian television calling upon the people of Libya to stand up and resist the occupation of the NATO-led forces inside of Libya,” he said.

Reign ot Terror in Tripoli