Moussa Ibrahim, Bani Walid Will Not Negotiate

Moussa Ibrahim, spokesman for Libya’s officlal government stated that Gaddafi remains in the country and is surrounded by loyalists.

He also said in a call to Reuters news agency that he did not know where the 69-year-old was but insisted he was well defended.

“He’s in the country and he’s in a safe place surrounded by many people who are prepared to protect him,” Mr Ibrahim said.

He also stated that Bani Walid would not surrender.

From Luc Michel for ELAC:
In a phone message Sunday evening, our brother Moussa Ibrahim, spokesman for the Libyan leadership and has become one of the leaders of the resistance Jamahiri confirms be at Bani Walid, “fortress pro-Gaddafi” in southeast of Tripoli. Where he organized the fight against the rats of the CNT. “No negotiation, no surrender, the struggle continues!”


LandDestroyerLand Destroyer
NATO heavy bombing city of Bani Walid – Walfarla tribe stronghold – tribe is 1 million strong – #feb17 #Libya rebels are stretched thin

LandDestroyerLand Destroyer
#Feb17 #Libya Al Qaeda brigades claimed 1 more wk for Bani Walid city – have lied & r now waiting for NATO bombing to end to move in

LandDestroyerLand Destroyer
yet more #Libya #Feb17 lies Walfarla tribe of Bani Walid would surrender – talks have officially collapsed – war w/1mil strong tribe 2 begin

LandDestroyer Land Destroyer
after claiming to have already taken #Libya city of Bani Walid – #Feb17 rebels now claim talks have failed – have been “moving in” for hours

For_GaddafiFor Gaddafi & Libya
Today #NATO helicopters bombed Bani-Walid. 2 helicopters have been destroyed. #Gaddafi #Libya #feb17 #Tripoli #news #Misrata #BBC #CNN