Insurgents Received On The Ground Guidance From CIA, MI6, SAS

Editor’s Note:
There is no victory yet for either NATO or the insurgents. The Libyan people will never submit to a government run by the NTC. The insurgents and their incompetent NTC were created and funded by NATO and various intelligence agencies. The Libyan people enjoy direct democracy now. What the imperialists hope for is to instate a client regime comprised of Islamic extremists that will oppress the Libyan people and further their colonial agenda in Africa. Democratization means colonization for corporate profit, not freedom.


Exposed: MI6 spies paved rebel path to Tripoli battlefront

British intelligence has reportedly played a key role in the latest push on Tripoli by rebels. According to a report in the UK daily, the Telegraph, MI6 officers advised the rebels on the strategy behind the operation, in a plan drawn up weeks ago. For more on that – RT’s Ivor Bennett from London.