Moussa Ibrahim, August 19, 2011

From: DrMoussaIbrahim | Aug 19, 2011
تصريح يوم
From 123VivaJazair.

For the security situation the important developments as follows.

A) A small group of rebels entered the refinery of Zawia but they have been chased away (also see (13, report day before)).

B) a small attack of about 8 cars tried a desperate attack from the southern areas of Zlitan in an attempt to force government forces to come out of Misrata to confront them but they were defeated and pushed away by the Tribes of Zlitan, with the volunteers from all over Libya who are there and a small Army presence (5)… moussa says don’t believe the reports.. they are nonsense.

C) rebel supply routes in the west have been cut so they can’t progress anywhere

D) the only major presence of rebels in the west is still Sorman with area controlled by rebels but in Sabratha there are pockets of them in some areas

E) there is fighting in el harsha west of Misrata and in Dafnia

F) he said there was intensified bombing on “military targets”– residential areas– in tripoli. 27 dead– witnesses say they bombed a mosque, homes, a medical warehouse, a heart clinic (used to treat wounded). The bombing does not have a military purpose, but phycological. nato is using sonic-booms to frighten the women and children. they fly over a location and enter sonic speeds mimicking the sounds of bombs. zlitan: rebels are trying to draw the army away from misrata (this translation by Yelbihs, from (8).)

To give you an example of the two different ‘realities’ that are being spread. In (4) you can read about the Rebels that would have taken Zlitan, in the west of Misrata. In a Rayyisse video (5) you can clearly see the joy of the inhabitants of Zlitan after they were able to chase away the Rebels who are clearly very unwanted in this town. Who can blame them after the massacre that was committed by the airforce of the Rebels on August 9 (6)?

On August 19, 2011 we could see another example of the way NATO is upholding her one-sided weapons embargo, by allowing Qatari arms to enter Libya, but this time they were captured by the Green Anti-NATO Libyans (11). They have done this before which was reported on July 5, 2011 (12).