Moussa Ibrahim, August 16th, 2011


I’ve just watched today’s briefing by Moussa Ibrahim, I translated half of yesterday’s briefing and was planing to use it as subtitles but instead I’ll just fill you guys on the 16.8 2011 briefing which can be seen in Moussa ibrahim youtube page.

A) Zawiya is as yesterday, secure and the southern borders well protected but there is a handful of rebels who were already in Zawiya since before recent events but they are not causing much problems to the security services.

B) there are problems in Sabratha and Sorman with rebels numbering between 50-100 people max in each of the 2 locations … Dr Moussa assured locals that they will be dealt with by armed volunteers and explained that NATO and the rebels are trying to expose the locations of the Libyan armed forces and Arms stockpiles so they can destroy them and the Government is aware of that and will not fall in the trap by running after the rebels but instead will be tacked following a sound strategy.

C) In Brega the situation is excellent with no problems and the rebels were chased all the way to Ajdabia but the army didn’t enter Ajdabia respecting an agreement of a demilitarized zone in Ajdabia agreed by the government and the locals.The rebels there were seen to go in direction of Benghazi.

D) in Gharyan (western mountains) …. volunteers from the tribes south of gharyan have been engaging the rebels who entered gharyan and rebel’s presence is weakening…Misurata No change and the Areas that were liberated have not changed …. there is Nato bombing that is preventing TV crews form going in because they will be targeted.

E) The Northern side of Tawergha (misrata side) still has rebels presence but the south parts are in control of the Army.

F) No change in Misrata with the areas liberated are still under government control, the Misrata side of tawergha still has rebel presence but the rest of the town is under government control.

DR Moussa Ibrahim reminds everyone not to be alarmed by some of the bad news and he assures everyone that it is a passing phase and that NATO and the rebels have given all they have but the Government and the people have plenty more in reserve are able to resist as long as it takes.”