Majer Massacre: Zlitan Tribal Press Conference In Tripoli

The Punitive operations of NATO.

Immanuil Grakk

The senior members of tribes from Zlitan held a press conference in Tripoli. They expressed their outrage at the massacres, which NATO arranged in the village of Meyer (Majer) and killing of 33 of their children, 32 women and 20 men. These people were the legitimate military targets as NATO said. What kind of law it is referring to?I will repeat again and again. The destruction of the people in Majer was conscious and explicit in advance. They even called it a “new technique”. And even more, it was recognized by NATO as perfectly legal.Moussa Ibrahim in an interview said that the planes were coming TWICE. At first they just bombed. The locals waited bombing and as usual went to sleep to their homes. And later, when people have already returned home and fell asleep, the CARPET bombardment started.

If somebody did not understand, such tactics used by French pilots were a “stratagem” to destroy as much enemy personnel as possible. But in this case “the enemy” were the inhabitants of village of Majer. All their fault was they did not want to let the “insurgents” to pass through their village. They were punished. Deliberately and cruelly. It was not a mistake. NATO commanders knew (!) that women, children and the elderly were there.And if you still have not figured out what the name of this “new technique” and why it is called perfectly legal, I will help you – this operation is called “punitive”.Now let’s look at the heart of the Libyan desert – the city of Sebha. The other day the tribes living there, clearly voiced their position which is: “Gaddafi – yes! NATO and the rebels – no!””The new technique” again had its say. Eight bombs fell on residential areas of Sebha right away. The punitive operation have started. Now there is no electricity and water in Sebha, the infrastructure has been destroyed.You still have not enough examples, reader? You still need more explanations of what is the “new technique of NATO for protection of civilians”?Well, then remember My Lai in Vietnam and Khatyn in Belarus. The ordinary Fascism. This technique is very old and recognizable.

The people of Majer, Zlitan – NATO’s “military targets”

Lizzie Phelan

Senior members of the tribes from Zlitan gave a press conference in Tripoli expressing their outrage at the recent NATO massacre in the town of Majer, which killed more then 33 of their children, 32 women and 20 men. These are the people who NATO claimed were legitimate military targets.

Injuries from the bombing of houses which were housing refugees from rebel-held areas like Misrata and Benghazi