Fierce Night of NATO Airstrikes in Tripoli

Tripoli: 9 August 2011, New NATO war crimes
SOURCE: InomineX

“Fiercest NATO air strikes yet” hit Libyan capital

TRIPOLI: NATO carried out “the most violent” air raids yet on the Libyan capital early Tuesday since the alliance launched Libya operation in March, a Xinhua correspondent said.

Blasts could be heard almost everywhere and forced local residents to flee, the correspondent reported from the scene.

The correspondent also saw ambulance trucks and fire engines rushing to a spot less than 20 km away from city center, which had already been bombed by NATO a few days ago.

Libyan state-run television reported that NATO had bombed some military installations and civilian facilities in Tripoli.

Local sources told Xinhua that NATO blew up a Libyan vessel which had been docked at the port of Tripoli, yet it remains unclear whether it was for military or civilian use.

SOURCE: Xinhua News Agency