NATO Conducts Deadly Bombing Raid in Zlinten


Libya / Zlitan: 04 August 2011, journalists tour, NATO war crimes

NATO Missiles Target Libyan Hospital, Kill 50 Children

NATO protects more civilians in Zlitan – by killing them

Mohamed and Motez al-Mrabet, ages 5 and 3 and their mother Ibtisam were killed by RAF / NATO bombs in Zlitan on Thurday.

CNN reports that at the funeral Abubakr Ali watched volunteers carefully bury the bodies of his sister and two nephews next to the neighborhood mosque. According the family a third child, Naji aged 8, is in serious condition in hospital.

“This was a civilian home. No army, no military, no Gadhafi forces. It’s a family sleeping safely in their place,” he said. “This is the protection of civilians.”

This follows quickly upon the attacks on the Libyan water infrastructure and on a clinic in Zlitan.

Libyan Government Accuses NATO Of Destruction in Zlitan

Voice of America News
August 4, 2011

The Libyan government has accused NATO of bombing civilian targets in Zlitan, a western town that has been the scene of recent clashes between pro-government and rebel forces.

The government made the accusations through its state-controlled television station on Thursday, a day after officials denied rebel claims that opposition fighters had gained control of the town.

The French News Agency reports that Libyan officials led journalists on a tour of Zlitan Thursday, showing them a home where they said three family members were killed by a NATO airstrike.

In a separate development, a Libyan tanker arrived in Benghazi after rebels claimed they had seized the vessel from government forces.

NATO officials say they cleared the ship on Wednesday and allowed it to proceed to the rebel-held port.

Libyan Mother, Children Buried After NATO Raids

News International
August 5, 2011

Libyan mother, children buried after Nato raids

A Libyan official on Thursday blamed Nato raids for the deaths of a mother and two children in the coastal town of Zliten, where journalists witnessed their burials.

Foreign reporters were led to the home in a neighbourhood of Zliten, 150-km east of Tripoli, and to a nearby mosque where journalists were shown three coffins. “Is this what you call protecting civilians?” a local official asked journalists. “This what Nato is there for — to kill our children,” he said.

A closed coffin contained the body of the mother, officials said, and two open coffins bore the bodies of a four-year-old and five-year-old child with blood on their faces.

The three victims were then buried to shouts of “Allahu Akbar” (God is greatest) and “We are ready to die as martyrs for Libya.”