France Gives $259M USD to Al Qaeda Terrorists

Xinhua News Agency

PARIS: France has unlocked 259 million U.S. dollars of previously frozen Libyan assets for Libyan opposition body, the Transition National Council (TNC), the foreign ministry announced Monday.

“The Minister of State announced to his interlocutor that the process of unlocking Libyan funds succeed and has made the TNC available to the sum of 259 million US dollars,” said a statement issued by the ministry.

Earlier in the day, French Foreign Minister, also the Minister of State Alain Juppe, hold a meeting with Mansour Seyf Al-Nasr, the TNC special envoy to France, who was regarded by France “a sign of closeness and trust that characterize relations between France and the TNC.”

France previously called Al-Nasr the ambassador of Libya and in the statement allowed him to move into the residence of the Libyan embassy in Paris.

France took the lead to recognize the TNC as the sole legitimate representative of the Libyan people in March and set up close ties with the rebel body. The United States and Britain followed suit to recognize the TNC in July.