Muammar Gaddafi: Zawiya, July 19, 2011

The leader of the revolution, the founder of free modern Libya, asserted that Libyans, after months of defiance against the offensives, acquired a pioneering role and international leadership to lead the peoples against imperialism, occupation and an era’s tyrants.

In his speech to the massive rally gathering in Zawia city yesterday Saturday, the leaders explained that the peoples were willingly marching towards Libya to fight along with Libyan people, which became the first defense line against enemies of Arab nation, Africa and Islamic nation.

“Islamic nation, from Libya to Iraq and Pakistan, are being offensively attacked and bombed”, the leader said.

He added,” if we achieved a victory in this battle, the Quran, Mohamed’s Sunna and mosques would be victorious, besides, being able to restore Sebta, Mlila and occupied Baghdad and to achieve the historical liberation of Africa”.

The leader ended his speech saying, “we must get Libya back as a paradise as it was in last month of Jan. We must restore the booming economy, prosperity and tourism and we must reopen airports.”