Evidence The NATO-Backed “Rebels” Are Terrorists

One month ago Nicolas Sarkozy was bragging that he would offer al-Quathafi either a “first” class or “third” class exit air flight. It’s clear that French voters will next year throw out the warmonger with a Napoleon complex.

Black Star News Editorial

We still wait for an editorial from The Times condemning the ethnic cleansing of Blacks in Misurata and calling for an investigation by the United Nations, and punishment of those responsible for the crimes.
Evidence: NATO-backed Libya “Rebels” Are Clearly Terrorists

Since the on-set of the so-called “rebellion” in Libya this newspaper has warned that Benghazi had engaged in gross human rights abuses.

These abuses included executions, beheadings, and lynchings–especially of Black Libyans, migrant workers from other African countries and suspected loyalists of Muammar al-Quathafi. The information and even celebratory video clips are widely available through Youtube or Google searches.

Recently, on June 21, The Wall Street Journal reported in a chilling story that a “rebel” force in Misurata had renamed themselves the “Brigade for purging slaves, black skin.”

The Journal reported that in one neighborhood of Misurata, where the Black population was previously 4/5 Black, the neighborhood had been ethnically cleansed of Blacks. Not a word of this genocidal campaign has been mentioned in The New York Times–not a word of condemnation from The State Department or The White House or NATO.

These are clearly acts of terrorism and war crimes.

These NATO and U.S.-backed terrorists also promised to ethnically cleanse Blacks from the town of Tuwargha, 25 miles away, if it fell under their control.

Is this the new dawn that Washington, London and Paris want for Libya?

No wonder more than one million citizens came out into the streets of Tripoli last week–not to urge the NATO-backed terrorists — to hasten their advance but to show support for al-Quathafi. They are not eager for Sarkozy’s vision for Libya.

This newspaper declared at the onset of the NATO bombing campaign that any authentic uprising that might have taken root in Libya had been usurped by the Western military aggression. We repeatedly warned that unlike Tunisia’s and Egypt’s this was no Facebook-Blackberry revolution, no matter the false impression The New York Times tried to create.

The vicious NATO campaign has been so relentless, and claimed civilian lives, that Rep. Dennis Kucinich has written to the International Criminal Court (ICC) asking for an investigation of NATO’s commanders on possible war crimes. Instead prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo has been fantasizing about Viagra-induced mass rapes; a proposition ridiculed by Amnesty International.

This newspaper has also excoriated The New York Times, which in its overzealous promotion of Benghazi turned a blind eye to “rebel” abuses, even when the evidence was clear, as when The Wall Street Journal reported the ethnic cleansing in Misurata. We push back hard against The Times because not only does the newspaper influence U.S. foreign policy but also shapes the reporting of countless other media outlets.

The newspaper has abused this power with respect to the Libya war.

We still wait for an editorial from The Times condemning the ethnic cleansing of Blacks in Misurata and calling for an investigation by the United Nations, and punishment of those responsible for the crimes. We suggest that investigators start by appehending the “rebel” commander quoted in The Wall Street Journal June 21 report.

Finally, in today’s newspaper, even The Times can’t no longer shield terrorism by the “rebels.” The Times, belatedly, reports of executions and pillage by rebels in Qawalish, a town it captured in the mountain regions of Libya, under the headline “Libyan Rebels Accused of Pillage and Beatings.” Incidentally, these “rebels” have advanced due to France’s illegal weapons drops recently in violation of UN Resolution 1970.

The rebels clearly don’t offer a solution to Libya’s woes and their abuses are now on display for the entire world to see.
That’s precisely why these Nicolas Sarkozy-backed “rebels” rejected the African Union peace proposal on three occasions.

Among other things –such as a ceasefire and negotiations for a constitution– the proposal calls for democratic elections in which every Libyan citizen in eligible. Judging by their record –executions, beheadings, ethnic cleansing of Black Libyans and promising to give oil concessions to Western countries depending on how much help each country offers in deposing al-Quathafi, as reported on the front page of The Financial Times on March 14– it’s clear that the majority of Libyans would reject these “rebels.”

They know that their only path to power is by the barrel of the gun and NATO bombings; in other words, through terror.

>NATO should immediately halt the illegal bombardment of Libya. Rather than protecting Libyans, NATO has spread the war throughout the country, especially with the dropping of weapons by France to the mountain fighters, who are now committing the crimes reported in The Times today. France, due to the illegal weapons drops, is more exposed to liability that the other NATO members.

>NATO should compensate Libya for the deaths of civilians, and for the damage and destruction caused.

>More importantly, Washington, London and Paris should step away from their war of aggression and conquest and ensure that Libyans adopt the African Peace proposal.