Libyan Women Support Muammar Gaddafi

National Forum held in Tripoli, which has gathered more than 1500 women, spoke in favor of resolution of the Congress of Libyan tribal elders, against NATO and for the Gaddafi.

Resolution of Congress of Women of Libya:

We, the women of Libya, aware it is our duty in the days of adversity, we want to say that we understand and clear message is clear, the meaning of conspiracy against Libya.

We declare:

*Our historical leader and symbol of our glorious revolution lives in the hearts of millions.

*All Libyans – one family, and our land – not a subject for bargaining.

*Traitors, enemy agents and perpetrators of aggression must respond to the full extent of the law.

*Killers and abusers of simple Libyans do not have to escape from retribution.

*Women Libya called on all countries involved in the criminal adventure “great powers”, think again.

This statement is made on the basis of the constituent meeting of the National Women’s Forum Libya. 22.05.2011. Tripoli

Massive women rally to supprt the leader Muammar Gaddafi 23 6 2011