Libyan And Syrian Regimes Marked For Extermination With Extreme Prejudice

Eric Margolis, a columnist, author and war correspondent, says he got the impression that Gaddafi had the strength of character to survive challenges back in the 1980s, when he interviewed the Libyan leader in person. Margolis also stated the US has been behind the assault on Libya all along.

In Libya, more NATO air strikes have reportedly struck the capital Tripoli – following a defiant broadcast from Colonel Gaddafi. Meeting in Washington, Barack Obama and NATO head Anders Fogh Rasmussen agreed to continue bombing, as long as the Libyan leader puts up a fight. But as RT’s Lauren Lyster reports, the motivation of the U.S.-led Alliance is under scrutiny.

NATO deprived of its original and perhaps meaningful role, refuses to dissolve and is instead desperately searching for a raison d’etre. NATO’s secretary general was on a speaking tour in the US to try justify the alliances reason to be decades after the end of the Cold War. Meanwhile, he meets with President Obama amidst increased infighting in the group, as disagreement on where and how to interfere in non-NATO countries like Libya deepens and the true motives of individual countries come into question.

NATO turns into fight club
It’s been nearly two months since NATO intruded into Libya to install democracy there. Still it’s not clear who the NATO is fighting in the country as noone can tell the difference between opposition, rebels and civilians