Conclusions Of The Conference Of The Tribes Of Libya

On the National Level:

Libya is an independent country. Non Libyans have no legitimate right to intervene in the affairs of Libya. It’ is only Libyans who should have the freedom and the right to choose their own political, economic and social system.

The unity and independence of Libya are above every other consideration and are not a subject for debate or negotiation.

Mouammar Al-gaddafi is a historical Leader, the symbol of the Libyan Revolution and the builder of Aljamaheriya. We cannot and will not abandon him or forsake him. As for the State, its administration and institutions, all Libyans have the right to mange them in the way and method they see fit.

The Conference has decided to put an end to the Trial of our nation and declares the start of a process of peace-making and forgiveness towards those who decide to put down their arms. To heal the wounds of our nation, the Conference will initiate the forming of specialised committees dedicated to the measuring, evaluating and understanding the extent of human and material losses of the Crisis in all Libyan cities and towns. Other specialised committees will work to investigate and judge the causes and factors that lead to Crisis. A national process of compensation for all individual losses will take place thereafter.

The Conference rejects and criminalises any attempt to by any Libyan to seek support from foreign powers, or facilitate foreign intervention, or aid foreign aggression against Libya. The Conference considers such acts as Grand Treason for which all those involved shall be tried.

The Conference rejects and criminalises any attempt to aid the traitors and agents of the foreign powers in Libya and calls upon their tribes to forsake them and to provide them with no support and to cease talks with them.

The Conference regards any agreement or promise given by the traitors to any foreign country as invalid and worthless.

The Conference will work on a General Amnesty Law which will include all those who were involved in the Crisis and took up arms. The General Amnesty Law is a means of laying the path ahead for a new era of peace and forgiveness.

The Conference emphasises the importance of protecting the national wealth and basic resources of the Libyan People such as oil, gas, water and Libyan assets outside Libya. We also work to protect our great national enterprises such as the Great man-made River, our sea-ports, our airports and our factories. Any harm directed at these national facilities is to be regarded as Grand Treason of the country and aggression against the Libyan nation. These facilities must be under the full protection of the Armed Forces.

The Conference calls for the immediate initiation of a process that would lead finally to the adoption of a Constitutional framework able to protect rights and safeguards freedoms in Libya.

On the International Level:

The Conference embraces all calls for peace and accepts regional and international peace initiatives with practical arrangements that would guarantee the ceasing of the foreign aggression.

The Conference rejects the UNSC resolutions 1970 & 1973 as they are invalid according to the UN Charter itself.

The Conference calls for negotiations with Western countries after the complete halt of their aggression against our country. This should then lead to a rearrangement of Libya’s relations with the West based on new foundations of mutual interests, respect, peace and Libya’s sovereignty.

The Conference calls all non-permanent members of the UNSC and those countries that refused to vote for the 1970 and 1973 resolutions to exert their best efforts for the annulment of the these two unjust resolutions.

The Conference calls upon all Arab tribes and Arab nations, especially those whose governments are involved in the conspiracy against Libya, to revolt against their corrupt governments who provided help and support for foreign powers and armed groups in their aggression against the Libyan People.

The Conference believes in the right of the Libyan nation to take to court all governments, organisations and individuals who have been involved in the Aggression.

The Conference encourages the African Union to play a more active rule to stop the foreign aggression against Libya.


The National Conference for the Tribes of Libya, in concluding its proceedings, has decided to select a temporary General Committee with the task of following up, supervising and ensuring the implementation of the Conference’s Conclusions. The General Committee will form other specialised committees of tribal leaders and experts as needed.

The Conference is in-session continuously until the Aggression is no more.

The Conference also calls all Libyan Tribes neighbouring the towns and cities highjacked by armed groups to move peacefully in popular marches to liberate those highjacked towns, disarming the armed rebels and helping the inhabitants of such towns to go back to their homes and their normal lives.

The National Conference of the Tribes of Libya
Tripoli 06.05.2011

Libyan tribal leaders attend a large gathering entitled the National Conference for Libyan Tribes in Tripoli.

About 2,000 chiefs were present, representing all of Libya’s 850 tribes and the gathering was organized by the tribes themselves. Some leaders from east come to Tripoli via Cairo and Tunisia. All tribal chiefs called “colonial, crusader” aggression by Western forces to end immediately and for Libyan unity. The world needs to listen to the tribes of Libya, not to the people meeting in Rome.

Abed Saleh Abu Hamada of the Magharib tribe, representing the east, emphasised unity in his speech, calling “our armed brothers in the east to dialogue” and urging “national unity from east to west.”

Mahmud Mohammed Ali, the representative for the south, said “Obama, Sarkozy and others … who are you to decide that Gaddafi has to leave his country.

They condemn NATO air strike which killed Saif al-Arab Gaddafi, and three grandchildren and voiced support for Moammar Gaddafi.