Aisha Gaddafi In Tripoli, Libya April 14, 2011

We are people that will never lose from today until tomorrow and from tomorrow until eternity.

Before you leave our skies with your airplanes and missiles, take with you your tails. The tails of shame and filth . Take them to Qatar, the state that has neither land nor dignity but instead is an occupied island. On it lives a family that belongs to Al Qaeda.

This same state ( Qatar ) today speaks in the name of Libya and its people and this American-British colony wants to decide the destiny of the people of Libya.

And for this they will be damned.

We are asking the United Arab Emirates to recall their airplanes back with which they are killing Libyans. They better use these airplanes and free their own islands occupied by Iran. You have brought shame on your people with Libyan blood that neither history nor any future time will cleanse away.

And at the end I salute you, you proud people.

I salute you, you great and proud people!

You are the greatest people of all time!

You await their missiles and bombs with the glory of God and you are not afraid of them! Awaiting with signboards, singing and music! You will stay with your leader creating history!

And the leader said clean the state of impurity by saying : ” Every house! Every corner, every street! With God’s will! Peace be upon you all!