Interview with Muammar Qaddafi Leader and Guide of the Libyan Revolution by Journalist Salam Musafir of Russia Today, March 18, 2011


Muammar al Qaddafi – “Libya will become a second Afghanistan; millions of emigrants will go to Europe, which will have an impact on the whole Mediterranean Region”.

We are very happy that the viewers of the RT Channel, which has three languages, English, Arabic and Spanish, can hear your voice.

We would like you to describe to us what is happening now in Libya; there are many misconceptions, and sometimes bizarre, about the situation in your country.

Our situation differs completely from what happened in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and other Arab countries.

What happened, and is still happening in the Arab countries, has nothing to do with what is happening in Libya. There the population protests against the authorities, while here the people demand that the Revolutionary Government remain in power and carry out the Will of the Nation.

Other Nations do not have Power, Power is held by the Government and the President… Resign the President, the Government, the Parliament; a new Government is created and a new President is appointed.

In Libya, Power belongs to the People… People’s Conferences, People’s Committees. The People do not want to abandon Power, they were forced to confront numerous groups that attacked Police Stations and Army barracks, and seized arms. They occupied several buildings and opened fire at night, terrorizing the local population. They killed people, just like Al Qaeda did. This is a crime.

There were shootings between these gangs and the police in the police stations; the total number of dead on both sides is between 150 and 200 people.

It is a phenomenon that came from outside… I am referring to Al Qaeda. The Al Qaeda commanders took advantage of Libya’s silence, and began to tell the World of demonstrations in Libya that there are shootings and thousands of people are dying. Suddenly, we discovered that the whole world is against Libya.

We have had no demonstrations… How could the news agencies communicate that? The number of dead is between 150 and 200 people… How can we talk about thousands of victims? How can the UN Security Council, and the whole world, make decisions based on data from news agencies? It is clear that it was the terrorists, Al Qaeda, who sent this information to the news agencies.

Now it is difficult to change the image that the International Community has about the events in our country. The situation is considered critical, problematic, disastrous; but we consider it to be a Libyan crisis, a Libyan problem.

It is about the fight against armed criminal groups. It is the same situation that the Algerian army had many years ago; it is the same fight against armed groups that NATO has in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In Somalia there are mujahedin… The whole world, together with the Somali authorities, is against them. If the armed extremist gangs are numerous and are everywhere in the Islamic Maghreb countries, they are called Al Qaeda.

It is surprising that the world has this stance towards Libya. I believe that the world formed its position based on the erroneous information of news agencies, and now they want to preserve their image, and give in. Even the U.S. Secretary of State said yes, that he has actually based his position on information coming from news agencies.

First, they need to send a Commission to investigate the facts, and only then are decisions taken. Second, the U.N. Charter stipulates that the Organization does not have the right to intervene in the internal affairs of any state. The UN Security Council should intervene only in the event of a war between two or more states.

Respectively, the Charter makes Resolution 1970, invalid. We have addressed the request to the International Court, to declare that the Resolution invalid.

We opened our doors to journalists and news agencies, and of course, to the agencies that were involved in disseminating that information. Now, it is difficult for them to change their position.

We open our doors to the Commissions of Inquiry of the African Union, the UN, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, and any other Organization. We want precisely that, because we want the truth to be known, that there have never been demonstrations in Libya.

Terrorists do not take to the streets to demonstrate… Have you ever heard of Al Qaeda demonstrating? They have no demands. Of course, they have controlled several buildings in Benghazi, in Beid and elsewhere. They terrorize the people, take over the Mosques, and proclaim the Emirate Al Qaeda. Everyone claims to be the Emir of a street or a house. That is the reality.

Colonel, several government representatives left their posts and even became part of Al Qaeda. Some time ago the world knew them as its faithful allies, among them there are famous diplomats… What were those reasons?

As for the diplomats, they saw some horrific reports that had nothing to do with reality; that’s why some of them were so distressed. When they learned that thousands of people had been killed in their homeland, they gave up being ambassadors for their country; others were bought.

Those who worked in the United States have been bought and recruited by US Special Services for a long time. They had that destiny: the destiny to leave their positions.

Those who were in Libya and Benghazi in the first place are prisoners of the situation; even those who formed the so-called Transitional Council do not exist! There is simply a group of people who have never been seen before, and who have never met before. It was a coincidence that they were in Benghazi when all that happened. And that group of people was caught up in the situation.

The bandits attacked the security representatives and threatened them with weapons, telling them: “Either you are with us and you communicate to the agencies what we command you, or we cut off your head”.

All the victims called us before they did what they were ordered to do, and they told us that they were being threatened with having their heads cut off, their bodies cut into pieces, their wives and daughters raped.

In this way the bandits forced people to take part, so we advised them to act as the rebels required. In other words, they were forced to submit to force, even though they were against it.

What is the current military situation? We have had the opportunity to see many villages with significant destruction. What is the real situation? Could one expect the rebel stronghold of Benghazi to fall in a few days, or weeks?

As you can see, everything is in our favor, except for the bandits. People constantly ask us for help, and for us to defend them from the bandits; in particular, Benghazi asks for help.

Of course, the rebels are in Buildings, including houses, to create a human shield. We believe that Benghazi can resolve its situation on its own, without the use of our military force.

For example, Médecins sans Frontières declared the evacuation of its Benghazi Specialists, and sent them to Egypt. People have started to leave the city. Thousands of people have left Benghazi, including some bandits who had previously committed crimes and were in prison.

The rebels, by the way, attacked the prisons and freed the criminals, guilty of illicit drug trafficking, murder, and smuggling; they provided them with weapons to fight on the rebels’ side. All these groups have fled, and I believe they will be fenced in Benghazi, and they will surrender.

A foreign observer indicates that the Libyan directive shows great tranquillity, that is to say, there is no nervousness in decision-making.

In particular, as far as international politics is concerned, are you satisfied with the position that some countries have occupied? You mentioned that certain countries hide behind International Resolutions. Do you have data that these States are not willing to take Resolutions as expected before?

As I mentioned earlier, the world has been in an uncomfortable situation and now regrets this. The world has come to know that it was wrong and that what happened in Libya, at its root, differs from what happened in Tunisia and Egypt.

The world community has seen the people of Libya greeting Qaddafi; all the concern of the people is linked to the Libyan Revolution, the First of September throughout the country. No demonstration against the existing system in Libya has been shot. At the same time, Al Qaeda is present.

Of course, as I have already said, other people that I have already mentioned were used, who happened to find themselves there and became hostages of the situation, such as Amin Al-Adil and other lawyers who arrived in Benghazi and were forced to create a transitional council, in order, with their help, to receive financial support. They were forced and used as an instrument to review certain plans, but in the end it turned out that the so-called council was a fiction.

At the same time, the members of the council have no relationship with the rebels, ideologically speaking. The rebels do not recognize Amin Al-Adil, or others; they are considered infidels.

You know perfectly well the Ideology of Al Qaeda… They declare all people unfaithful. They have no economic, political or social demands. Its principle is: “Kill, kill, until the Day of Judgment arrives”.

After all this is over, and hopefully soon, will you examine your Ideology? As the phrase says, “I would not have been happy, but I would have known unhappiness”.

You, as a result, are not going to re-examine the whole political system? Could a new constitution be expected in Libya?

What happened has nothing to do with the Constitution or the civil society system, or with civil rights; what happened was that this well-known armed group is not interested in democracy.

You know Al Qaeda… they consider democracy as infidelity that has been created by infidels. They do not recognize democracy, they only recognize the Caliphate and other similar things. They try to force us to re-examine our invariable values… The Power of the People is forever!

We hope that the Egyptian People will become democratic, that Egypt will become democratic, that Tunisia will also become democratic, and that all the Movements in the Arab Countries will overthrow their Regimes and become something similar to Libya, that is, Democracy, and the People will be able to manage the Popular Congresses and Committees.

Colonel, of course you have followed the position of different states. How do you assess Russia’s position? We have heard that you kept in mind the Ambassador of the Russian Federation; you have proposed Russia, China and India to invest in Libya.

We no longer trust the West; for this reason, our allies in the oil area, in construction and investments, will be Russia, China, and India.

If the West does not review its position and does not recognize that it was wrong and apologize. If it comes and says: “I was wrong, the position I occupied was wrong and that is why I have condemned the Security Council in adopting Resolutions despite not having been clear about what happened in Libya, and everything that happened does not deserve this noise”. In this case, the West must abrogate Resolution 1970.

If they arrive and apologize, and recognize that they were not right, in this case good relations and economic cooperation in the area of oil extraction, construction and joint ventures can be re-established, possibly they will return; but the priority will always be for Russia, China, and India.

We have heard that certain Western Country Leaders are now trying to apologize to you, and correct their mistakes. How reliable are these reports?

Yes. That’s right. We received indirect confirmations of this. They say that they have made a mistake and they apologise and that they did not think that everything would happen that way; they propose to forget the talks about sanctions and air blockade, and they recognise their mistakes. They really do send us these kinds of signals.

What is your opinion? Had the West prepared to face these events, or did this come naturally and the West could not immediately determine its position with regard to these events?

I don’t think this was planned; I don’t suffer from conspiracy mania. Everything happened as I told you before, they recognized that they were wrong, confused. Why? Because there is no evidence of a conspiracy taking place in Libya; stability, the absence of Islamic radicalism and disorders, riots, etc., etc., is a situation convenient to their interests.

Now, they have convinced themselves that in Libya, along 2,000 kilometers along the shores of the Mediterranean, everything is stable. In addition, Libya is a gateway to the West, through which millions of Africans try to enter Europe. In this case we cooperate with the European countries.

Libya is an oil state, it is a very important region. Nobody wants to have problems with oil because this would lead to an increase in the price of oil, which is currently being observed. The West is not interested in Libya’s unrest and destabilisation of the situation. All this shows the absence of any kind of plot or planning for the development of events in Libya.

The West is not interested in the situation in Libya changing… we have democracy! In the country the People’s Democracy prevails.

Libya is the key to Security, and Western countries know the significant role Libya plays in maintaining peace in Africa, Darfur, and other hot regions. I personally play an important role in the establishment of peace in these African Regions.

Furthermore, Libya has investments in Europe and for this reason it is not convenient for the West to provoke riots in our country. On the contrary, if the situation in Libya becomes unstable then Al Qaeda will establish its lordship.

Osama bin Laden will come, and Libya will become a second Afghanistan; millions of emigrants will go to Europe, which will have repercussions in the whole Mediterranean region. Al Qaeda will declare war on North Africa, and the West will be forced to fight and confront these dangerous challenges, as a result of which a New Crusade will begin.

We heard that they had tried to kill you from the air, but we did not see anything like it.

Yes, I held an encounter with a group of youth in the Misrata region, here in Azizia. During the encounter there were celebrations, festivities, fireworks; surely you saw this. When I heard the noise of the fireworks, I said to the youth: “Now, when the West hears these noises, they will surely say that Tripoli is being bombed, but nothing like that has ever happened”.

Colonel, I have only two questions left, I know you’re very busy. I would like to know whether Libya will continue to maintain its commitment to the Arab World. I see that the Youth is disillusioned with the Arab countries, and they attach greater importance to their African roots.

There is no doubt that the Libyans feel anger and react negatively towards the League of Arab States, which has failed and fallen into oblivion. For this reason, only the Arab Maghreb Union and the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Persian Gulf remain.

As far as the League of Arab States is concerned, this League has ceased to exist, this Official Body of Arab States is now hated by the Libyans and the Arabs who sympathize with the Libyan people. The leaders of the Arab States, the Arab Heads of State, the Arab Ministers, all of them are now despised by the resident Arab Citizens from the Atlantic Ocean to the Persian Gulf. However, faith in Arab patriotism, in the Arab Nation, in Arab origin, remains unchanged.

Are there concrete data on the number of victims of these unfortunate events?

When the bandits fled from the oil regions, they tried to cause maximum material damage by destroying oil reservoirs, causing fires that we were able to extinguish after two or three days. The losses took place in those Regions where the bandits managed to maintain their positions. They entered the mosques, stored weapons and alcohol, and for this reason people stopped praying in the mosques; moreover, the bandits ordered the destruction of the mosques.

How many people died?

In the Aerodromes during the cleaning of certain premises there were victims, but they are not numerous. The bandits were on the run and abandoned their weapons; first of all, we are interested in the weaponry with which the bandits threatened people. We have no desire to kill them, the main thing for us is to collect the weapons they have abandoned.

Thank you very much.

Thanks to you.

I would like us to meet in better conditions and in a quieter situation.