Russian Satellite Images Contradict Mainstream Media Reports On Libya

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Alexandra Valiente. Libya 360°. 3.2.11

Although this is “soft criticism” of Al Jazeera and the BBC, the critical point made is that there have been NO airstrikes whatsoever in Libya. Russia will not be the only nation that has this information.

The U.S. and NATO have the same satellite evidence. The United Nations would have known this when they adopted Resolution 1970 which grants immunity to the U.S. for any crimes committed in Libya (past, present and future).

So why the invasion?

The only fighting is between the Libyan army and the CIA-supported terrorists.

Who are these so-called “eye-witnesses” Al Jazeera relies on?

These scripted reports come from CIA sponsored operatives in Libya, which operate under various names as listed here.

When it comes to all reports out of Libya, (99% unverified) question everything mainstream media say while they shill for imperialist intervention and takeover of a sovereign nation and its resources.

This article quoting a Bosnian woman who just left Libya is worth reading.

Bosnian Report on Libya – Nobody’s life is threatened in Tripoli, the media are lying!.


Al Jazeera has been the leading media outlet fomenting unrest through their coverage of uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East.

A brief search uncovered the following information that connects Al Jazeera with the agenda of

Ahmed Sheik is the editor-in-Chief of Al Jazeera. He is also on the advisory Board, Soliya[1]

“Since 2008 Karim El Mantawi has helped coordinate the implementation of Al Jazeera’s Soliya flagship program that directly connects university students in the Middle East, North Africa, South-Asia, Europe and the United States via groundbreaking online collaboration and communication technology. He is currently Soliya’s Outreach Officer, focused on expanding the organization’s network of partner universities to enable more students to use to new media technologies to foster dialogue, mutual respect and understanding. El Mantawi was born in Egypt and raised in Sri Lanka, the United States, India, Austria and Japan. He recently completed his graduate studies in Media, Peace and Conflict at the UN-mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica. Previously, El Mantawi engaged professionally with print media, documentary video production and youth media, coaching young volunteers in video-reporting techniques.” [1]

He was both a coordinator and delegate of the 2010 conferrence-training with

2010 Attendees,

In this blog on, the author emphasizes the important role twitter played in giving networks like Al Jazeera and France 24 their content. One must ask what kind of news network would abandon solid journalistic investigation and analysis in favor of unverified video footage from spurious sources, the AYM-Freedom House network of twits and CIA backed “fake opposition” interviews?

As Yoichi Shimatsu reports;

“Not by coincidence, when confronted by Libyan officials, Al Jazeera producers admitted to broadcasting faked tapes, for example, of jets flying (in daylight) over protesters (in nighttime darkness). That admission of falsified images could back the regime’s claims of atrocities against civilians were exaggerated and sometimes fabricated”

He goes on to say;

“Al Jazeera is financed and owned by the royal family of Qatar. Just two weeks prior to the first Cairo protests, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spent three days in Doha, Qatar, to establish a special “partnership” with Qatar. She spoke at the Forum for the Future alongside Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim Al Thani. Gadhafi in his televised address appealed to Qatar, saying that he could not understand how a “brother could turn against one of his brothers.”

Thus for the Libyan strongman to renounce his new ties with the U.S. and accuse Washington of instigating protests cannot be mad ravings but must have some basis in fact.”

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