The Noble American Humanitarian, From Iraq To Libya

Michel Collon

NATO stands ready to intervene in Libya. Thus, those who bomb civilians in Afghanistan, now want to protect them in Libya. Those who would not lift a finger when Israel massacred Gaza have suddenly developed an immense love for the Arabs!

As Henry Kissinger once confessed: “The main powers have no principles, only interests.”

Even if we wish for the suffering of Libyans to stop, they will suffer no less under an occupation by the United States. Bush proved this in Iraq, Obama in Afghanistan. Drugs, violence, terrorism.

While supporting legitimate demands of the people and condemning all violence and dictatorship, we must remember that all US wars have been built on media lies.

We must analyse all information with the emotion of solidarity, but also with the reason of our experience.

Simply, if the West’s motivations were humanitarian, the US and Europe would have intervened to save Gaza.

The 5 ‘Principles of War Propaganda’
1. Obscure one’s economic interests
2. Appear humanitarian in work and motivations
3. Obscure history
4. Demonise the enemy
5. Monopolise the flow of information